best 3 day training plan

After a 3 day training plan to help increase my 10k times(plus other races), Ran one yesterday in 57.21 very hilly course(dronfield).

At the moment i'm doing

Mon- 2.5miles quite quick

Tues- rest

Weds- 4 miles slower than above


Fri- LSR 1hr long

Sat,Sun- rest

I would like to keep the 3 day training but find the most helpfull training to do on those days, my next 10k is derby on 28th april so would like a lot better time as its quite a flat course.


  • If you race a 10k in 57 mins then you'll need to run longer than an hour to build up your endurance.

    So i would work on lengthening that to 90 mins or so.

    The speed work - I'd do intervals instead of a fast 2.5 miles.

    If that's 25 mins id only just be warmed up and it's over.

    Try 400m repeats with jogging in between and I'd do an hour or so with a 15 min warmup.

    The other run - id try and lengthen it to race distance If you can.
  • Thanks for the quick reply, will try to do that over the coming weeks. When doing the 400m is it done as quick as possible then jog for 400m then repeat.

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