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I am very new to this whole running thing, I have never been inclined to run before and at the grand old age of 34 I got strong armed in to running the Reading Half marathon yesterday.

I did complete it without stopping in a time of 2hours 15mins, not sure what that means but what I do know is that for about the last 2 miles both of my big toe nails were really painful, now as it was sooo cold and wer yesterday I just assumed it was that making my toes hurt so didnt really think much even when I took my triainers off and my left big toe nail was still blue.

However by the time I got home the pain in my left toe was very painful but got better with elevation and ice. Looking at it today it is still very painful and by the looks of it I have got a very big blister right under the nail.

My question although long winded is: Is this normal? If so what is best practice? ( I am very screamish!)

Thank you in advance for your replies. I am sure this has been dealt with before and I apologise for rehashing old content!.





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    Allow it to heal underneath. The fluid will dissipate and you may lose the nail in a few weeks. Alternatively, pop down to your doctor and they might lance it for you. (Do not lance yourself) It's a very common problem. Best practice = better fitting shoes or change of gait. Well done on completing and wear that bruised toe nail with pride. Heal well and soon.

  • Thank you Straycelt! Good to know that it is nothing really to worry about and quiet a common problem. As for the trainers they are old, being a rower I only really use trainers for using the rowing machines and so they can last for a long time.

    As for my gait I have no idea what I do or where to begin to do that!. I know I am flat footed and sound like a heard of elephants when I run. Well thats what my PE teacher told me so I never ran after that!

    Thanks again for your advice!


  • Funkyfish, get yourself down to a specialist running shop and get some proper running shoes.  They will assess your gait for you and work out which shoes suit you the best.  It may be that your shoes are too small as often you need a half size or full size bigger in running shoes to other shoes.  Your feet tend to swell when they get hot and that causes the shoes to become tighter and is a common cause for damaged toe nails.

  • Had exactly the same happen when I did my one and only half (so far).

    I lanced mine with a hot paper clip bang in the centre, pain went, nail fell off a week later and grew back over the next few months.

    Now cut my nails shorter and take care with shoe sizes.

    Ps well done
  • Standard method is a pin, through the nail if possible or I find just slightly under is best, if you hit it right you will get a release of fluid, and a very welcome release of the pressure and pain. No big deal, it happens

  • Prevention is better than cure, so for the future get yourself the right kind of shoes (as SuperCaz suggests), and keep your toenails cut very short.

  • The luxury of still having 8 healthy toenails! I think I had 1 last time I checked!
  • He only asked about a toe nail ... didnt say he ever wanted to run again    image

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