New to deferring, lucky me, what's it all about please?

Lucky me I've run 19 marathons with no dramas, but I'm not ready for the Brighton 26.2 next month - niggle after niggle, strain after pull. Pah.  So, I've heard about deferring and it seems wise that organisers encourage the semi-fit to sit it out and not litter the course with corpses.

But I just looked up Brighton's policy and the deal is that if I defer, I get to pay full price for next year and, er, that's it. Now, wait a minute. Doesnt stumping up a vertiginous £60 for this event mean I get organisers who want to look after me just a little here. 

Is it me, or is this normal? Sorry but I'm a little naive here and thought as a proportion of runners for any race will no-show, that was taken into account in the price. I get the bit about bagging a place in an over-subscribed event, but dont they care about health risks, and what is morally right?


  • Its normal for Brighton .... I have paid twice now for this event and havent even run it yet!

    Dont think I will bother with this one again

    Plenty more marathons out there

  • Oh .. and morals??  absolutely not    image

  • Same as London too.
  • It's all about supply and demand. At the moment demand outstrips supply so organisers can treat their customers with contempt. When the pendulum swings the other way they will have to be more accommodating.

  • 19, big wow.
  • London and Brighton do at least allow you to defer.  Most races don't.

    I'd question the sanity paying of £60 to enter in the first place!

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Add Edinburgh to the list.

    Most races don't need to allow you to defer ... you just enter again the next year and pay the entry fee. It's a useful policy if, like London, you're unlikely to get a ballot entry again the next year ... otherwise it's meaningless.

  • i'm amazed there is a high demand for edinburgh. it's a terrible marathon. a shambles.

  • I too have deferred Brighton due to an injury and after reading their policy have decided there's no way I would enter again next year.

    oh i've done Edinburgh too, in 2010 when it was a gazillion degrees and not enough water - another one ticked off and remaining off the list.

  • I did Edinburgh in 2011 and it was fine. Good start - nice enough course. The finish wasn't the best organised - but it wasnt too bad.
  • Glad to hear they sorted it out, to be honest no one could have guessed it would be 30 degress in May in Edinburgh !!! I saw a lot of people with sunburn image

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