ITBS and conflicting experience/advice!!

Hello folks, ive my first FM coming up in June and have been gradually building up to this event.  Ive completed various shorter distnces, HM, 10k etc, and up until now have had no injuries.  Last sunday i ran 12 miles in Lunarglide +4  and got seriuos ITBS pain that made me stop.  With rolling, RICE and Nsaids i over came it.  Yesterday i went out for 13 miles in Saucony Fasttwitch 5s and felt no pain what so ever.  I was always told that these were for shorter distances and to only use sparingly.  I was shocked at the lack of pain.  Delighted but shocked.  The problem is that my feet ached at the end and the top of my foot was sore all day today, as if i'd gone over on my ankle!  


I'd love to hear suggestions for trainers that would be a happy medium.  I do overpronate but stability or motion controm shoes never really work for me.  Do i persist with the Saucony and beome more minimal?


Thanks for your time,




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    With ITBS - it's a continual process of RICE, Stretching etc. I had a 18miler where I couldnt walk by the end of it due to the pain but within 2 days I was happily running 8 miles in the SAME shoes. My physio said that the main thing is to have a lot of stretching and RICE.

    It could be the days that you had without pain - were just because the RICE/stretching were taking effect - rather than the shoes being a difference.

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