Taper for VLM

Hi I have got just over 4 weeks left of my VLM training was going to start my taper at 2 weeks out but last Sunday as I was going to do my second to last long run andI pushed my self a bit further than the 20 miles I had planned and did 23 miles . I am not following a set plan just been doing my training as what I can fit in when but took a bit of a few training plans on board Would it be ok to taper from now with 4 weeks left ? I am planning my long runs over next 4 sundays as this weekend 12 then 20 , 10,the finally 6/7 the Sunday before with spin bike and a short run mid week in between will this longer taper affect my fitness as got 4hr 20 mins for my 23 I did with hills in as I want a sub 5hr and don't want to lose any fitness. Thanks


  • if you are doing 20 2 weeks before the marathon then it can't be a 4 week taper can it.......

  • The 20 is at 3 weeks to go should I do less forgot the 6/7 would be marathon day lol
  • I was just confused when you were talking about taperting at 4 weeks that you are still doing a 20 miler.......

    3 weeks before your marathon should be fine to do your last 20 miler........and then cut back

  • Was just worried that I would lose a bit of fitness tapering a bit earlier than I had planned cheers for advice :0)
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    The general advice is that you are better to be rested than tired..

  • The 20 is at 3 weeks to go should I do less forgot the 6/7 would be marathon day lol
  • Gonna chill out that last week been hard training over last few months can't wait to get on the start line now :0)
  • My view is that part-timers that most of us are don't need to worry about tapering that much - 3 weeks is excessive unless you're really hammering it in training both intensity and volume-wise. I'm sure you'd be fine with 10 days. Before Madrid marathon last year I did my last long run a week before and comfortably got inside my 4 hour target.

  • 10 day taper ? thats silly, 2 weeks at least.

  • Thanks was getting a little confused lol
  • Disagree. A week worked fine for me (although I'm not suggesting my way is the only way). I just don't believe the scaremongerers. If you're not training really hard (which is most of us, including from what I gather from the OP, you bradders), you don't need a long taper. Agree that you're better rested than tired but with the volume of training most of us do, it's gonna be pretty hard to be tired.

  • Right can you tell me this if I taper from now to race day what difference would it make fitness wise then if I did it a week out ?

    Because the few training plans I have looked at say 2 weeks ?
  • I'm planning a 10 day rest which follows a taper starting this week.

    This has happened by accident as I've already notched two 20 mile runs in the past couple of weeks and not too sure that a 3rd in 3 weeks will be much use. I've also felt some minor Achilles pain after today's run which I'd be silly to risk running on.

    Nothing goes exactly to plan with running so my point is just listen to your body, you have the confidence and conditioning from your 23 miler and months of training, you'll be fine. The most important thing from now in my opinion is tuning up the body with core strength and running comfortably maybe get some speed in your legs if you feel like it.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks shanko I have also done a couple of 20s of last few weeks I was thinking of adding more strength training on my bike as well as slowly tapering as I have problems going down hill now due to loads of hill training

  • I'm sure you'll be fine bradders, the point I was making without saying so explicitly is that I don't think you've any need to worry about having overdone it with your 23 miler - you can still do your 2 week taper and be fine for your race.


    Best of luck

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