VLM Deferring - cut off date

I went on to the VLM website and couldnt see a cut off date for this.  I am hoping to race but I was knocked off my bike by a dog last week so it's touch and go for me. 

I have a club place, which I believe you can defer.

I believe you can defer pretty close to the race date, but I wasn't sure exactly when they close the option.




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I think its the day before, so you got plenty of time

  • Pip I think you can defer as late as the expo

  • Probably as late as the day itself.

  • In the old days of postal entry you had until the day before the race as proved by the postage date so I would assume that you have to e-mail before the day. As an afterthought  what would happen if you withdraw the day before,   use the number next day and still claim to have an entry the following year

  • dave.........if ytou have already picked up your number and chip from the expo..and then decide to withdraw...you have to take the number and chip back to the expo before closing time on the saturday to withdraw...........

    so you couldn't use it image

  • When you say you have a club place, in my club you can't defer to next year, you have to pass your place on to another club member  image

  • Jordie.i thought it was too late to transfer numbers even if its a club place.if so if you pass on the club place unofficially then you would risk the club losing its allocation wouldn't you.....

    there again i didn't think you could defer club places


  • Phone up and ask, I did last year.

  • My son may have to defer due to work, checked magazine and on page 19 it states you have to complete withdrawl form on line by 17.00 on the 21/04/2013 next to that is another column stating no later than 20/04/2013, any one got a clue which is right or shall i leave it till monday and try to get through on the phone? Thanks peeps

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    DW4, I'd hedge my bets and work on the worst case scenario of the 20th.  As he'll know by the Saturday whether he can run on Sunday.



  • DW4 - it says you must complete the withdrawal form by April 20th.  There is a further form to be completed by 21st June at 17:00.  Have you got these mixed up?

  • My son has already withdrawn due to forthcoming circomstances and having leave cancelled, I will be looking at the weather and if it looks like staying cold and wet I too will defer until next year

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