Déjà vu all over again...

Hello, plod dudes!

I'm back, baby!! image

I’ve just been looking through my old posts and my first r*n was May 2006...I didn't manage very long before life did that wonderful thing of flipping me upside down and shaking me until I give up. I'm embarrassed to admit the Saucony Grid Omni 5 I bought SEVEN years ago still have that new trainer smell! (I did use them, honestly!) But now a lot of things in my life have been sorted (still plenty more to sort, ugh), so I’m back and raring to go.

Yowser, it looks like all sorts of things have changed on this forum. Do we still say plod dudes? Do we still bleep r*n? I'm confused and scared...ooh, look the training tab is still there *scurries off to check it out* Glad the useful articles are still here image

I'm glad to say that this time round I have a running partner who is equally enthused as I am. We're going out for our first run tonight, so if I can drag myself back to my house afterwards then I might be able to muster up enough energy and knock the keyboard to the floor so I can update you guys on how it went with my last scraps of life.

But for now, for those who don’t know me (and those that did – since it’s been seven years):

My name is Steven; I’m 28, and live in Leeds. I’m a Structural Engineer by day and a horror writer by night. My dog, Taz, who some of you may remember, is still alive and kicking and keeps me fit enough to consider running full time by dragging me around the woods for hours.

I’m bored of always being tired, lethargic, sleepy, unmotivated, in bed, feeling like crap, so I want to try again with this whole r*nning “nonsense” image

Bring it on! Raaarrggghhh!!


  • Bored Robots

    How did it go then ? Same boat as you really run 10 Londons last one about 7 years ago then the wheels just fell off.

    Trying to make a comeback now for same reasons as you

  • Had to stay quite late at work so I never made it! (I know...excuses, excuses).

    BUT...I did manage one today image Me and the other half went out for about 30 mins. Run, walk, run, walk, wheeze, stitch.

    I think I did quite well but the stitch really did me in. It was annoying that I could have run more apart from that bloody stitch! My legs and back (bad back usually) felt fine and I wanted to make the running sections longer.

    Ah well, there's plenty of time for improvement!

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