Motivation = data/gear/treats

For me I think two things will get me motivated. New gear/treats and signs of improvement.

To satisfy that I was thinking giving myself a treat in say 6 months time IF I start and keep running. I was thinking of something that can measure my improvements such as a good HRM or a GPS / S&D watch. SOmething that can show my effort to do somthing decreasing as I get fitter or somerthing that tells me I am running further in a set time.

what is the best/cheapest option? If I set myself a £100 maximum spend what should I get?

I know it is a gear question but one that is aimed at beginners like me. I know there are more experienced who read this section and offer advice since everyone was a beginner once. Any ideas??


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Garmin Forerunner.

    You should be able to get a 110 for your budget, and a bit of a stretch you might get a 405/410 as they are older models that are going cheap.

    I use races as my motivation as I find that I tend to just drift into unfocussed runs if I haven't got a target race.  

    I'll quite often treat myself after a good result (e.g I bought a forerunner 405 after completing my first marathon).

  • Just seen the Timex marathon GPS for £90. Reckon that will be a good treat if I make it to 1 month of running. Scrub that 1 week will do!!!image

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