Foot Surgeon Manchester area - any recommendations


Just wondered if any runners have (unfortunately) had to see an orthopaedic surgeon in the manchester area and has had a good experience / recommendation? Suspected Mortons Neuroma is the guilty party for me seeking help!!

Many Thanks


  • I used to be a couch potato but got into walking about 8 yrears ago but couldnt walk more than 7 miles without being in severe agony on my 4th toe. Everything from a severe ache to severe numbness/pins and needles. I thought it was just my joint and had this for years until I googled it and it came back with Mortons Neuroma!

    I went to my GP who sent me to see a foot specialist at my local hospital in York. Within 10 weeks I had the nerve removed and have been pain free for the last 3 or so years.

    My toe has a permanent slight lack of feeling (there is no nerve to that toe), but you get used to it. A very small price to pay for pain free walking and running.

    If you are suffering half as much as I did I really feel for you

    If you need any more advice let me know.

  • Hi

    It's nice to hear a story with a positive outcome! I seem to be only able to find negative stories online in relation to MN surgery! I have been training for a half marathon, for years have had the numbness/burning on and off but with this recent training it has got worse such that it is now present in both feet even when walking!

    I have an appointment in 2 weeks with a surgeon but because of all the stories I have heard was just looking for a recommendation.

    Thanks again for your reply
  • Hi - I damaged my right foot about 18 months ago, struggled on with training and ran a marathon - finally gave in and went to docs & had a scan in Aug 2012 - mortons neuroma - then referred for steroid injection (had 2 lots one in Nov and then another in Jan) - ran 1/2 mara and full marathon then pain came back beginning of May 2013. NHS surgery to remove neuroma didn't sound that great so found out about the Barn Clinic in Sheffield - had cryosurgery to deal with the neuroma. In week 11 of recovery so fingers crossed. I was really impressed with the Barn Clinic - hope this helps. On the original scan my neuroma was 3 mm and by the time I went to the Barn clinic it had almost doubled in size - so the steroids only masked the pain and didn't deal with the actual problem.

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