You guys and girls must get fed up of all these 'Newbie' threads....

Heyy you guys! I'm new to all this milarky and really don't have a clue what I'm doing at all. Apologies in advance for the dumb questions!

I decided at the beginning of the year to get fit so I thought I'd do a couple of Sprint Tri’s this summer then if I like it to build up to some longer distances for next year.

I picked up my beautiful shiny new road bike last night - (thanks to the cycle to work scheme!) - I'm really looking forward to falling off it this weekend as haven't ridden for a couple of years and never used clipless pedals. My brother, who is quite a serious cyclist, insisted that a road bike and clipless pedals was the way to go for a complete idiot like me EEEEEK! One thing I was thinking of doing was commuting to work on my bike, which would be a daily round trip of 36miles through undulating hills and country roads. Obviously I would need to build up to this but hopefully this should give me a lot of bike experience fairly quickly. Does anyone else on here commute as well? If so how far and how do you fit it in to your training programmes? Would it be too much to build up to doing 4/5 commutes a week over the next couple of months, or will I just burn myself out far too quickly on the bike and mess up the training?

Hmmm looking at all of that it seems like I have quite a few issues to get over before I start thinking too big. I was thinking of contacting my local tri club when I'm a bit fitter. I really don't want them to laugh at my blobbiness, unfitness and complete ineptitude.

Thanks for putting up with me!




  • Hi GingerG, I'm a newbie, I managed to stumble through my first sprint tri last sep, i am currently going through the falling off stage, I recently cycled into a stationary car while faffing about with my clip-less pedal looking down.

    I'm doing around 30 miles round trip twice a week to work, and I try and do a long ride at the weekend, I fell off on every ride for the first 5, (The first time was at my front door into next doors hedge) and have fell off once since (at a pub stop in front of everyone in the pub) But it has been pointed out with a smile by a motorist that I am a clumsy T**T, to which I agreed.

    I'm sure you will get used to it and have less incidents than me.

    best of luck and have fun !

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi GingerG,

    I think you've done absoultely the right thing in going straight for clipless pedals, and also for deciding to have a go at commuting.

    You've got quite a long return trip. Is there a way you could stagger it at first (eg drive in with bike, cycle home leaving car overnight, cycle in in the morning etc?)? You can get valuable miles in by commuting, but the feeling of finishing a long, hard day at work when it's dark, raining and windy, and you've no way of getting home except by spending an hour on the bike, can bring you to tears!

    Good idea to look at tri clubs, but also consider local cycling clubs  - there will be long weekend rides for all stadards, and things like time trials to get you speeded up!

    Good luck image.

  • Fatmo I can see myself coming off quite a few times - There is a sweepstake going round my family and friends as to how many times and how badly i injure myself! All I can say to that is I put a £1 bet on 5 times in my first ride!image

    That seems a very sensible idea about splitting the commuting over 2 days to begin with Joddly, I hadn't thought of that at all. I'm probably not going to start commuting for the next couple of weeks so hopefully it will be lighter in the evenings during the ride back home. (And better weather but I'm only whispering that quietly in my mind so I don't jinx myself!)

    I've just had a look at the local cycling clubs found that one of them do a 10mile TT starting at the end of my road (only about 500m away) one evening a week during the summer - after living there for 11 years I'm now wondering what else I've missed on my doorstep!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Just get stuck in with those time trials - you should find everyone is very supportive, and  you'll see a massive improvement as the summer goes on!

  • i started triathlon nearly 5 years ago and only did my first TT a week or so ago...............wish I had done it years ago..loved it and am doing another one this weekendimage


  • I'll get a bit fitter then have no excuse bearing mind how close it is from my house! image 

  • joddly wrote (see)

    Just get stuck in with those time trials - you should find everyone is very supportive, and  you'll see a massive improvement as the summer goes on!

    Lalalalalal not listenning  image

    Welcome Ginger, enjoy the ride  !!!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Forgot to mention - watch that Meldy, or you could end up in all sorts of trouble.

  • Thanks M...eldy! (Had to go back and count the dots!)image

    Right-O I'll bear that in mind Joddlyimage there's always one isn't there?! Normally I seem to be the one causing all sorts of trouble so it makes a change!
  • Don't underestimate the 36 mile return trip, my commute is approx 40 miles by Friday you will know all about it! The problem with commuting 4/5 times a week can take away time from some other valuable sessions such as pre work swim or post work run etc... Unless you do stupid stuff like ironman like me;)... In my opinion I would commute 2/3 times a week on the bike drive the other 2 times and use the morning for a swim/run, try and increase your bike mileage at the weekend with a long ride, this will also help your commute! Obviously when you start you need to ease yourself in or you will get burnt out or worse injured, hope this helps image
  • GingerG wrote (see)
    Thanks M...eldy! (Had to go back and count the dots!)image 
    They are in need of updating image
  • GingerG... I bet (hope) your first few rides go ok, as you will be so worried about your pedals and not forgetting to unclip, that you won't forget! It is when you become a bit more relaxed with them that you might end up on the floor...

  • Thanks for that advice Jamie. I probably will aim for commuting 2/3 times a week and a long ride at the weekend and for the sprint tri I have in mind in aug that should be plenty .... There is a little (getting bigger!) seed in the back of my mind saying stoooopid things like 'you know you DO want to think about doing an ironman!' I'm going to ignore it until I have one my first tri then knowing me I'll probably give in!

    I hope you're right EllieO, I would like to get used to my bike a bit before I start hitting the deck! Plus I'm scared of scratching it :S

    I'm now just waiting on my physio's blessing to start swimming and it will be all guns blazing! image
  • Dots.... who on earth would bother with dots after their name?

    I bike commute and i find it a great way of building strength on the bike. i only to 20 miles each way and i find i am shatered by friday. i now do a bit less so i am enthusiastic to get out at the weekends
  • 10 mile evening TTs are quite fun, might go back this year and do a few myself, it's only 7 miles away and quite a nice Surrey route.. I'll fess up and admit that I have never broken the magic 30 mins but I made just under 32 once!

    I think I was last but one, in front of the bloke on the mountain bike!image

  • I think I'll probably do the TT route alone before joining in with all the fast people! Knowing how slow I'm likely to be I'll be lucky if I get under 1hr!

  • Did an hours ride last night, and I'm really getting very good at it...........Falling off that is, not Cycling, I stopped at a traffic light and being cocky lent over to hold the railing near the traffic lights and kept my feel clipped in, that went fine but as I went to pull off I was in far too high a gear and inevitably took a tumble onto the pavement and landed at an old woman's feet who told me to be careful, I told her its OK, I do this all the time.

  • Fatmo........i hope you haven't scatched the bike image

  • No, thankfully bike unscathed, I did mark my handlebar tape when I went into the back of a car though, as the driver got out to see me spread eagle on the pavement he said is there any damage, I said yeah, a little bit of my tape is smudged, apparently he was asking about his car, Some motorists are very selfish, any old panelbeater can sort out a cars bodywork these days but someone who can wrap handlebar tape well is special.

    I may invest in some knee pads while I'm getting the hang of the clipless peds though, I have scabby knees I once donned as a 7 year old, unfortunatly with more creaks and cracks

  • Hi everyone! Haven't been on here in a few days as had so much going on....

    I'm pleased to announce that I had my first ride on sunday on my gorgeous new bike.... Without falling off! image

    I spent about an hour leaning against the wall practicing clipping in and out before I dared make the brave move to join the busy road outside my house :S It was quite scary and only did about 4 miles but loved every second! 

    I will admit that I deliberately took a route where i wouldn't have to stop at any point so didn't have to risk falling off image although on the flip side I do need to practice stopping without making a fool of myself but not then!

    So all in all a good first ride image


  • Great one ... onward and upward as they say image


  • Well done GingerG, I'm new to clipless too, I found you either have to be good at unclipping or be good at falling off, I'm getting quite good at the latter, even managed to ride into a car before hitting the high street pavement image

    Of course my 1st consern is always "oh no, dont scratch the bike" then check fingers toes etc

  • Yay well done Ginger g!
  • Happy Easter everyone! 

    Good work on that fall Toasty! Have you been riding recently?

    I went on my first 'long' ride yesterday - 20 miles YAY! I only meant to go about 10 but kinda got lost and ended up miles away from where I intended image Aaah well I enjoyed it.... Although sitting is a little uncomfortable today haha

    I also decided to go for a 3mile run after lunch as well.... Was suprisingly hard work (painful!) after the ride. I did have a couple of hours of relaxing inbetween but I've now got a lot more respect for all of you who can get off a bike and run straight away... Something to work towards I guessimage

    Anyways Hope you all have a good Easter chilling with family and friends and getting out and riding/biking image

  • Well done on your long ride! Keep working on the running afterwards as well, if its only 10 mins that's good, it gets your body use too the feeling and come race day it won't feel too bad at all! It may look sunny out there but wrap up warm its bleeding freezing! Happy Easter to you all image
  • Happy Easter to all.

    Well done on the long ride GingerG, I got out yesterday for a couple of hours and managed to stay upright all the way round, I'm in a mild panic as I'm doing the Wolf run on Saturday and the Warwick 100km sportive on Sunday, poor organising on my front and now the days are nearly here, even poorer preparation, I'm not going to go mad on them, just use the bike race as experience and have fun on the Wolf.............I hope  

  • Heyy I hope you all had a fab Easter! image

    Wow That sounds like a tough weekend for you Toastyimage Hope you are planning to chill out on Monday! 


  • Well, we missed out on the Wolf run today, bloody car broke down on the way, really gutted as it was a cracking day. Just the 100k cycle tomorrow morn, 8am start so better turn in.

  • Just completed my first cylo sportive 100k, the furthest I've ever cycled in 1 go, lots of fun an loads of massive hills that tested my feeble legs, nice tea and bikky stop half way round, it seemed a bit easier after a nice cuppa, managed to get round in 4.36 according to the computer, that's without the much needed tea break.

    Looking forward to more events, first tri is next month, hopefully my legs will be a bit better this year. 

    1. well done toasty.......its onwards and upwardsimage
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