You guys and girls must get fed up of all these 'Newbie' threads....



  • Well done Toasty! thats fantastic image How are the legs feeling now? That makes my 20mile ride and 500m swim yesterday look like a feeble effort! (I was pleased with it lol)

    Finally had the go ahead from my physio to start swimming so did 500m on Fri and another 500m yesterday (both took ages as had to keep stopping) - was pleased as my shoulder coped but I need to work on my technique image I've contacted my local swimming club for lessons/masters session and was invited along for a free trial masters session which I'm going to give a go.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend! image

  • That's great news GingerG, I had a bad shoulder injury last year and used swimming as part of my rehab, which sort of got me into my first Tri.It was great to build my shoulder back up and I also took lessons to learn front Crawl, in fact have 2 lessons left, it has helped 100%, I couldn't manage 1 length last year without blowing out my arse, I'm quite happy with my technique now and the tips and hints from the instructors are great, what was often yelled at me I have now adopted as my mantra's "keep long and glide in the water" and "don't fight the water, go with the flow"

    Yes, I'm very pleased with my efforts yesterday, I'm surprised that my legs are OK today but my backside is very tender after munching on my saddle for half a day.

    Planning to go for a relaxing swim tonight and spend a bit of time in the spa bath, before nipping into the local to replace all those lost carbs or two

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