Running club or running pal required in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.


I've been 'running' for about 2 years now with my training for events done on the treadmill. I'd like to start running outside now, but don't want to do it on my own hence the search for a running club or running pal in Cheshunt.

At the moment I've only done 10k runs (PB 63mins) and now want to train outside for an improved 10k PB as well as half and full marathons.

Any runners out there in Cheshunt?


  • Might sound silly but have you tried Facebook? I had exactly the same problem and set up a Facebook group in the end as I couldn't find anyone (in Bishops Stortford) we've got over 100 members now.

    Or try the RunEngland website, they list groups of runners on there.


    Good luck image

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