VLM - any ideas on how to get a last minute place?!

Hi all,

Anyone have any sensible ideas on any way to get hold of a last-minute place for the London Marathon? I'd be happy to raise a big chunk of money for charity. Is there any official process for swapping places with people who pull out for injury or any other reason? 

Yes, I know it's ludicrously late in the day to be looking for a place, (and for my training) but I've done a marathon before and am comfortably doing 10+ mile runs already. I'm super keen to do London.

Be nice, please! image All help much appreciated.




  • Not legitimately.

    Charities have to submit the names of their runners in February, and can't change them after that.  Same with clubs.

    The only way would be to find someone who has a place and can't run, and who is willing to give/sell it to you - which is against the rules.

    You would have to run under their name so no mention in the results.

  • Ah, shame - thanks for the info Wilkie, v useful. All sounds a bit dodgy to me.

    Supposed I'll just fail to get in via the ballot again next year!! Then pull my finger out any get a charity place.



  • Ring them up and ask.

  • Sleep with Dave Bedford?

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    David Bedford stepped down last year. Could still sleep with him though?
  • Funnily enough I knew someone who got in every year by sleeping with Dave Bedford. I was talking to her just before the start of my last London Marathon.
  • Was it a Mrs Bedford?

  • I'd forgotten he'd stepped down. Brasher Junior then...?

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