knee wraqp for injued knee?



I hurt my knee going downhill and have been resting it for the past few days. Do knee wraps/braces work? Would I be able to recover faster if I wore one?


Thank you!


  • Sorry, it should say WRAP

  • I have dodgy knees and have been wearing boots sports knee support (??16 each, buy one get one half price at the moment). I found since wearing this and icing my knees after running I recover a lit quicker. I would recommend wearing one on each knee - I started with one on the injured knee but the other over compensated and then hurt too. Keeping them balanced and symmetrical is beneficial.

    Good luck - I hope it gets better
  • Knee supports have their uses under the supervision of professional treatment.  However, if you use them incorrectly then they can cause the knee to become weaker as it learns to rely on the support.

    Generally I would say that you are better off treating the cause, which is most likely to be weak muscles or a muscle imbalance unless you know that you have something else wrong with your knees.  Doing exercises like squats and lunges are a good way to build up the muscles around the knee joint

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