Tight groin after 10 miles

Sorry this is probably a really numpty question.  I've been running maras for 7+ years now, but always suffered after about 10 miles.  Muscles that feel like they run from the top of the front of my legs up to my hips - parallel with the side of my legs (if that make sense) start to get tight and restrict my stride length.  I've looked around at stretches etc. that should help but nothing seems to work.  Very gratefull for any help!


  • Google hip flexors image is that the area?

  • sounds like hip flexors.

    If you work in an office or other job where you sit down for most of the day then they tend to get shorter, so need regular stretching.

    or they need strengthening with leg raises?

  • Yep I'm an office boy so that makes sense! 1 month before London, too late to make much difference? Thanks loads for advice guys!
  • I suffer terribly from tight hip flexors (sit on train on way to/from work, sit at my desk for 8 hours) so I know exactly what you're suffering with - fine up until 8/9 miles then tight as!

    I found a fair few hip flexor stretches on youtube, worth giving them a go - http://www.exrx.net/Stretches/HipFlexors/KneelingHipFlexor.html that one works well for me - sometimes gets my hips to 'pop' (gross I know) but feels great after!

    Best of luck with the marathon image

  • Hi Jonathan, 

    Try working on your hanstrings and calfs too.  One reason a muscle group gets tight is because it is over used.  So if you are running with low knees (i.e jogging) with the main usage being your quads then they will become over used and thus tighten up.  When you have time between marathons donate some quaility time to your hamstring, glutes and calves.  Building these muscles up will help and also make your running quicker

    Goof luck





  • Jen . three posts all giving links to your own website..are you here to give advice or promote your own business..........image

    can you give a clearer definition between jogging and running..........its all to do with the knee  height is it and nothing to do with the speed...or to do with the aim of the individual when they actually take part......

  • Hi, 

    I'm here to offer advice.  I've been running along time and choose to go into the injury side of things for a job because of the amount of injuries ive had and the poor service i received.  Beleive it or not i am out there to make a difference to the industry no exploit it's customers.  If i can pass my knowledge on to others for free then i am more than happy too.  

    There are lots of differences between running and jogging as you well know, i was just using it as an example of quads dominance.





  • so why do you have to link to your business when giving advice......

    you will not see anyone else doing it apart from the chinese spammers...........as its against the terms and conditions....

    I would advice if you want to carry on sharing these great forums you remove the links that appear as spam or you will be flagged up as spamming the forums....

    at the moment it looks as you are just answering the posts for your own benefits....remove the links and people will think you genuinely want to help them not yourself

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