Hats on or off

Hi I usually train with beanie hat on as i hate cold ears and it keep headphones in place ,gets a bit warm on long runs up to 8 miles now .i am doing half marathon soon and start to think about raceday and what to do wear the hat or not worry about over heating.


  • A thin running hat will be cheap, cover the ears and can be stuffed in your pocket when you get warm. That's what I did with my karrimor hat half way thru Sunday's Warwick Half which started in zero degrees.

    Alternatively get a cheap beanie and throw it in the bin half way around
  • Not a bad idea,Steve B I am sure I can pick up a cheap one did you get a good time on your half
  • Always better to have one than not - you can alwasys remove it and the extra weight is not going to break you.  The last two events I entered were both sub-zero with wind-chill, rain and snow (-4 and -5) and the hat (and gloves, and running tights) saved me from bottling it and driving home.

  • Steven, I've been using this Gore headband over winter, lets the top of my head breath, keeps ears and forehead warm (and headphones in place) and also stops the sweat dripping into your eyes. A bit pricy for a headband, but very comfortable...


  • Entirely up to you. At the same race you'll see people in short and vest and others wrapped up in longs jackets hat and gloves.

    I run hot so never wear a hat training and definitely not for racing.

    But if you wear yours - you could just carry it if you get too hot. No need to buy one to throw away ?
  • Why not try a buff? start with a balaclava, beanie or neckband and end up with a sweatband or wristband when things warm up?

  • I use a fleece headband, but there is absolutely no need to pay eighteen quid for one.

    Get a cheap one from Decathlon - £1.99 -  it does the same job.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    +1 for cheap fleece headband - and if it gets too hot you can just take it off and wrap it round your wrist twice. Or just shove the hat down the back of your tights.

  • +1 for headband - I look like a plum but keeps my ears warm!

  • I also wear a headband, and will probably be wearing mine on Sunday when I do a half - I hate being cold!

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