Training after injury

Ive been running with slight discomfort in my calfs for a few weeks. On sunday I ran a half marathon and pulled up 1/2 mile from the end and managed to hobble over the line. It feels like a strain. If I take  a 2 week rest, icing, stretching and using my foam roller could I go back to my marathon training of 30+ miles a week or should I forget the marathon which is in may.

Any advice would be a great help thanks 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    With injuries its a case of 'They are what they are', 'it takes what it takes'.

    You cannot place a time constant on something that is essentially a variable.

    What you can do is adopt a Rehabilitation program in the same way as a training program. 

    Take one step at a time and given time and treatment the problems will be gradually resolved. 

    The toughest part of the process is never knowing how long it will take. 

    I consider how a runner reacts to and deals with injury as a much greater test of character than participation in a mere race.

  • Like RicF says, it's a how long is a piece of string problem. I did mine 2 weeks ago, I tried to run at the weekend and managed about 1 pace before I knew it wasn't going to work. Maybe next week i'll be a bit more lucky, maybe not.

  • Thanks to both of you, like you say i`ll just have to wait until its ready. There will be other races to do later.

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