Which buff?

Any buff experts out there? I am confused image

I have a few original buffs but need something warmer. Running the Thames Path 100 this weekend so will be getting wet and will be cold due to running for 24+ hours in the wet and cold and during the night.

Not sure which buff to go for.... so many options!

Hoping folks have tried a few and can point me in the right direction... Any pointers?








  • I have a windproof buff for walking but it is rarely cold enough for using it. I suspect most of your options Wld be the same, especially if you're running. I'd choose the simple one with 100 weight fleece.

    Or try two normal buffs combined. My preferred choice tbh. It is virtually wind proof which is probably the main issue. The fleece one isn't.
  • Whichever one you go for is probably going to get sweaty and damp... maybe opt for a few thin ones you can change as and when needed.

  • polar one is very warm....can only use mine on the bike or when standing around......

    the polar one might help at night if tucked under your waterproof as f you get it wet it would be very heavy and horriible.........

    would just think keep going.....

    what have you used for your night training runs so far this year

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  • They're very expensive. I'd get a couple of cheaper normal alternatives. More useful than just the one.
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    All my previous night runs have been in summer and I used cheapo buffs

    The run this weekend is going to be wet, cold and long so needed something warmer.

    I went with the polar buff in the end came yesterday and is perfect. I have cheap standard buffs if by some freak chance it is warm.

    Thanks all for advice :thumbsup:
  • My favourite is my Lakeland 100 finishers buff. 

  • Ben......probably because they are tough to get.an amazing achievementimage

  • seren nos

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  • TKMaxx have the "original company" tube scarf/buff things that retail at £29 in my running shop for £7 (pack of 3) i'd get them. i have a polar buff that i use hiking, and even then i have to take it off because i get too hot, i couldnt imagine running in such a thing.

  • I wear a merino wool one whilst running, which is warm even when wet and reassuringly 'sans stink'.  This is good Autumn and Winter.  I then pull on a cheap fleecy one after the event to keep warm.

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