"Two stone off" 2013

The Two Stone Off thread has been supporting those of us carring 'extra energy storage' since April 2011. The weight has come and gone (and in some cases come again) and so have the characters. One thing that was constant however was a fantastic level support and motivation from fellow runners.

It seems somehow fitting to start afresh as the posting started to decline towards the tail end of last year, so here we have a thread dedicated to supporting runners looking to lose a bit of weight (doesn't need to be 2 stone!) in 2013 and monitoring progress (both in terms of weight loss and running).

Post here if you want to join in!



  • I am 14st 2 and need to be 13 st 4

    Strange enough just got a marathon PB whilst one stone overweight, can't wait for later in the year, I have many Marathons this year but hopefully with a stone less I can take another lump off sometime. 

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Welcome EKGO! Many marathons sounds like you have an active year planned!

    I too am targeting 13 st 4 with a starting weight of 15 st 6. I lost 4 stone starting from 17 st 10 in 2011 and so know I can do it, just need to sort out my eating and get active again after a fairly lazy winter.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Room for one more?  I've gained half a stone in a few months and already had that amount to lose so hoping for about a stone to a stone and half image

  • Hello ..... this sounds like a good idea...

    So i lost 2 1/2 stone in '"2 Stone Off - Part 1' (thanks in part to the support of the likes of Dan, Grant and all..) and am at a similar weight EKGO wanting to lose 1 stone. I did an almost respectable marathon time in October 2012, but would like to go into Chester Marathon 2013 with a stone less...






  • Heyy I think I need to be on this thread! I'm currently at 12st (after losing 2.5st last yr) and need to drop another 2st. I've been trying really hard this year by exercising and eating really healthily......

    However my weak point is I love a glass (or 2!) of red wine when I get home from work. :S this means that despite being really good with my food and exercise I can't seem to get below the dreaded 12st barrier image


  • Oh excellent: we're back. Since we were last on, I've been focussing a bit more on speed work (trying to get my parkrun time down), and tri-training. Doing my first tri in May, so doing a lot more swimming and cycling than previously. Feel a fair bit fitter, but still need to shift some of the 'extra energy storage' (love it, Grant): two stone lighter would be a great help (those tri-suits are pretty unforgiving!). Also doing Chester this year, Andy.

    Diet: keeping off the booze pretty successfully, but I was never much of a drinker, and trying to be good with other stuff too. Just a bit frustrating that I am training more than I have ever done, but still have a couple (maybe 3) stones to shift.:  3 or 4 runs a week: total mileage around 25 miles, with a fair bit of this interval or tempo runs; two bike turbo trainer sessions (hard work!); one or two swims a week. I guess it is time to really focus on the diet.

    So, I shall weigh myself today, and set my weight target for Chester in October. Just some stretching and core exercises today, I think.

  • I'm targeting 18 marathons and Ultras this year (2 down and next one on Sunday) but Chester is when I expect to be 13 st 4 and run maybe under 4:15, not earth shattering but it will do for me, currently 14st 2 and 4:29 last Sunday in Rome  

  • WOW, EKGO: impressive stuff. Is the weight coming down with all this activity? Looks (from your profile) like you are just a little quicker than me: perhaps I'll try and get you to drag me round at Chester. 


    Out of interest, where was your 5K PB set? You are 4 minutes quicker than me there, but my 5K time was set on a fairly lumpy parkrun course. Your 10K is about the same as mine, and you are a bit quicker (3 mins) at half-marathon. But 4 mins at 5K is (I reckon) a pretty big difference.

  • Hi Dan my 5k is seriously slow right now around 27 mins, I've gone back to Parkrun to get moving again, marathon training does nothing for speed! I did 22:04 in a fun run back in 2009 in Preston one of those early evening ones. That was way before I took to Marathons and Ultras. Funny thing about the weight, in 2012 I did 12 marathons and put on around 10lbs gradually over the year. Chester is a great event I did it the last two years and signed up again straight away.

  • I'm convinced that it is very difficult to actually lose weight whilst running marathons. Two factors: increased muscle mass counteracting fat loss (which is fine), and either delibrately or accidentally increasing calorie intake. Interesting point about marathon training & speed. I am determined to include speed work in to my training for Chester: planning on running (slowly) the 6 miles to my local parkrun, running it (as fast as I can manage), and then running home. LSR, speedwork, and a docking great big hill on the way home, all in one go.

  • I made the mistake of going for Long slow rather than mixing it up, hence my return to Parkruns, I am aiming for under 24 mins this summer but it seems a good way off

  • Hello, interesting debate already,.. As I think I said in the old thread many times, marathon training and weight loss isn't easy, your body quite rightly seems to crave the extra fuel. At first it seems to come off me, but as I hit the big long runs it becomes difficult and last year in the run up to Chester I even put on a couple of lbs of 'extra energy storage'. Losing the weight before marathon training kicks in is the key for me.

    Similarly here, I'm aiming for 4.15 at Chester, after 4.28 last time, and also using Parkruns for speed. I got down to 24.12 at 5k last year, but hovering around 26 now. My main problem is converting 5ks into my equivalent Half Marathon times, where my PBs poor if you look at comparison guides. And another stone off will also help...

    Hello GingerG, welcome, well done on the 2 1/2 stone, my weakness is also wine to destress, any running goals to compliment the weight loss?
  • Hi Andy. I'm doing a 5k run in may, and 2 x 10k runs in June and July. I'm also planning to do a sprint tri in August so hopefully all the training for those will help shift the extra pounds.

    I'm envious of all you guys when you talk about marathons and half marathons! I only started running just under a couple of months ago so still at the walk/half arse shuffle stage.... Oh to be able to run for a decent period of time without dying!
  • Ginger: I bet you've seen a major difference in your running stamina already. If you want to aim for marathon distance (and it isn't the be-all-and-end all), then it is just a case of following a training plan, though I would move up the distances gradually, as you are doing. Parkruns are also fantastic motivation - do you have one local to you?
  • Yes parkrun is just the best thing ever, theyre just so low key and friendly, and perfect for building up from scratch.

    And Ginger, we've all been there, aiming for a 10k in June sounds ideal, I can't believe I am sitting here casually discussing marathons given where I came from, but I'm envious of the Sprint Tri, I would love to do one, but my swimming is just terrible! And I'm scared of falling off bikes...
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    You lot are already making me feel very unfit with all this talk of marathons and tris! Hello to all the new faces!

    I just started back running on Saturday for the first time since September, back to the tried and tested Couch to 5K plan to get my legs (and in particular my left knee) back into the swing of things. Thought Week 5 was a good place to start so planning to go out for 20 minutes sometime today. Was meant to go at lunchtime but put off by the snow outside so had a cup of tea and a hot cross bun instead! As long as that is the only sweet treat of the day I am not too bothered... image Planning to go out just after 4pm instead, it does still look chilly outside mind you...!

    Should be back up to running Park Runs in a few weeks, I agree with both Andy and Dan, they are fantastic for motivation. I can't think of a better way to start the weekend!

    Oh, and btw EKGO, 27 mins is not seriously slow! imageimage My PB is 27 mins 10 secs and it felt like I was flying around at the time!


  • Ha ha yes It's all relative, It's not slow for me right now, I'm killing myself to get to 27. daft thing is when I did a marathon last Sunday my 7th 5k split was quicker than my PB for the year

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi guys! I want to be in!!

    Ideally would have exactly that 2 stones to lose that has crept on in the last two years. Did my first half mara last September but had bit of blues after it and haven't run very consistantly since and only very short distances. Planning to start building up consistant weekly mileage next week. Have been very unlucky in pulling my quads and spraining my ankle at the start of this month so no running for 3 weeks now. 

    Have also started eating better although we always cook from scratch and eating smaller portions. Somehow I used to manage the same amount as bf who's 3st heavier so no wonder I piled some pounds on. My weakness is cola at the moment. Just don't seem to want to let it go but I will have less/finish having it soon.

    I have no running related goals at the moment although thinking about doing the same half mara in September but it all depends how the running starts going. Will do parkruns again soon but as I'm only running 3 milers at the moment, I want some more miles in my legs before joining back in.

  • Evening Mikasa, you're very welcome, and there nothing worse than being held up by injuries, very frustrating. 2 stone is definitely achievable. Which half marathon is it in September?

    And welcome Cinders, I missed your post earlier on in the flurry of early activity, sorry, 1 1/2 stone sounds like a good target. Any running goals to go alongside the weight loss?

    I've got Wilmslow Half on Sunday but am already looking at the gloomy snow forecasts and wondering whether I'll make it.
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thanks Andy. Thinking about doing Bristol again in Septemver or maybe Cardiff in October. See how it goes though.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Hi all. Can I join in?

    I don't have 2st to lose currently, but at my heaviest I was the wrong side of 17st and I'm now hovering around the 13st mark but could do with losing a bit more really.

    It's interesting seeing comments about weight gain during marathon training. I'm suffering with this issue at the moment. A few weeks ago I was 12st10 and this week I am 13st1 even though I've been increasing the mileage. I have been eating more as I've been more hungry but I need to get it under control if I can. If there are any tips on that I'd be happy to hear them. I know....eat less and do more, right? Sounds simple...image

    My marathon target is North Dorset Village Marathon in May so I'm getting the miles in at the moment off of a 4-times per week schedule.
  • I gained a bit during the year and ran 12 marathons in 2012, I eat well and have been watching the portion size lately, I did so in Italy last week for the Rome marathon, plenty carbs but plenty running and exercise. I continued when I came home, and seems I am having a good week, will drop a few pounds on a hearty Italian diet, then onto the Rivington trail marathon on Sunday, I suspect the weight gain whilst training is about overdoing the carb loading. Running 26 miles once a month, you tend to feel entitled to eat more. 

  • Hi, can I join in? I have less running experience and more weight to lose than everyone who's posted so far I think.

    I did couch to 5k last year and ran my first 5k race in January. Trying to get a bit faster, run a bit further, lose some more weight.....But have just had about 5 weeks of not really running (doing the odd run plus some sessions on the crosstrainer, so I've not been doing absolutely nothing, but not much) due to getting the worst cough/cold/virus I've had for a few years. Still coughing stuff up (not much) and every time I think I'm better I start sneezing again...

    Anyway, I lost 1/2 stone last year (well, lost a stone, gained 1/2 back) and another 1/2 stone since January. Puts me at 13 stone 10, which at 5ft5 puts me decisively over the obese line. Need to lose another 3 stone to get to normal BMI, so would like to lose at least 3.5 stone really, but trying to take it in small chunks.

    Just need to find the motivation again. I've started (as of last weekend) going to an 'improvers' group that a local running club are doing. This is building on a beginners course they did and is aiming to get us from currently running 3 miles up to running 5 miles over 10 weeks. Haven't actually been out and run again since the group last Saturday though as have had a hectic week. Currently listening to the howling wind and lashing rain and wondering whether it's going to be on tomorrow...I think my next aim is a 10k on 1st June, but haven't worked up the courage to book it yet.

    Food-wise, I found keeping a written food diary to work best. So long as I'm keeping it, I tend to eat healthily enough to take the weight off, but at the moment I keep saying 'I'll start it on Monday'...It's mainly about getting into the habit again I think.
  • And I'm not normally quite do much of a drip as I sound in that post!
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    RunShonaRun wrote (see)
    Food-wise, I found keeping a written food diary to work best. So long as I'm keeping it, I tend to eat healthily enough to take the weight off, but at the moment I keep saying 'I'll start it on Monday'...It's mainly about getting into the habit again I think.

    Hi Shona,

    This is exactly what I'm doing at the moment with cola, I'll start tomorrow,next Monday etc... I didn't drink any in January, then mid February started having it again.

    I agree with keeping a food diary too. I use myfitnesspal but fallen out of habit with it at the moment as it's not working at work. Have cut down on my portions sizes though.

  • Loads of people seem to love myfitnesspal. I tried it and hated it! Guess it just shows we're all different. I found entering food into it unbelieveably tedious. I think its because I tend to cook vast quantities and then portion it up - I'll cook at least enough for 2 nights for me, hubby and 2 kids - often more than 2 nights - and entering everything and working out how many portions and dividing it all etc etc just took forever. Whereas a paper food- diary I just have sitting on the table (well, I don't - I need to put it back there!) and scribble in what I've eaten that day.

    Portion sizes are definitely important for me too. And not snacking, or making the snacks healthy. And drinking wine on less evenings per week...
  • So...I'll start it on Monday...
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Welcome Big_G, Mikasa and Shona!

    Another big thumbs up for the food diary from me. I am a bit of an excel geek so do everything there - run planning, weight tracking and a food diary. Or at least I did do the food diary at the start in 2011 when I lost 4 stone - since doing that I have a good handle on what I should be eating and am disciplined enough to follow that if I want to. My achilles heal was binge snacking, not just one biscuit but two or three (or four), not just one donut but the whole pack. I cut down on the portion sizes too but feel that was less important, for me anyway.

    Oh, and I did a quick (!) 1.88 miles in 20 minutes yesterday in the snow / hail to complete week 5 of Couch to 5K. Week 2 weigh in tomorrow (my birthday! image).

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    How about we both start on Monday and keep to it?

    Yes, it's more difficult if you do big portions. At weekdays it's only me now as bf is working away so pretty simple. But all to their own.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    grant - well done on completing your week. And hopefully you've been good and the scales show what you want them to show.

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