"Two stone off" 2013



  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Yay - 11st 7b this morning,. So that last weight was a bogus one. image

    That's given me a wee boost.

  • Yay! Good for you Nessie. My scales are scary this morning, that'll be the huge roast dinner last night. Guess the 10K I did in the morning will even it out eventually!

  • Evening all, I'd like to join this thread! I don't have loads to lose but I'm working on getting 10 lbs to a stone off and think the motivation of making it known will be good!.  I'm 5'7 and currently 10st 11 lbs, so I'm not very overweight but there is definitely excess thigh and wobbly bits that I could do without.

    Running wise, 10K is the longest distance that I've done. I'm not fast by any means but I'm consistent. I did the Manchester 10K last week in 1 hr 3 mins and I do 5K in 28 mins. I've regularly been doing Parkruns on Saturdays, and a Sunday morning 5k in Wythenshawe Park for the last few months and have enjoyed those and gradually whittled my time down. I tend to get bored with one activity if I do it too much and so running for me has always just been an addition to a healthy life rather than my main forcus.  I go to the gym 4 mornings a week and really like to weight train but I will do a 20 minute treadmill run as well. Then on top of this I swap around and add in other activities - Bikram Yoga and indoor rock climbing being my current favourites!

    So my aim is always just to get a sweat on and keep as active as I can. I feel I'm at a stage of good base fitness now where I can work on improving my running times and that's what I'm aiming for over the next few months, to see if it will help me lose some weight. I don't much like running when it's cold outside so this is my summer / autumn challenge!

    I eat healthily but I think portion size is my downfall, so I'm trying to be more conscious of what's going in my mouth and hopefully I'll see a downward trend...

    So yes - good luck with your aims everyone. I have read all your stories with interest. I have a 5k run in the morning and am hoping for a PB. We shall see...

  • (All gone quiet over here?)

    Not really been tracking my weight that closely here, so a pleasant surprise to find I have lost 6lbs over a period of about a month. Probably a bit more focussed running has done the trick: maybe the diet has been a little bit better? 

    Anyway, the 16 week marathon training plan kicked in this week. As we know, training for a marathon is no guarantee of weight loss: I failed to lose a single pound in the run up to my last marathon. This time, though, might be different (he hopes!). I'm doing a more intensive training plan - running 5 times a week, and more speed work in it that the last "get round" plan. Really enjoying being back in a focussed training plan, and the running feels really good.

    This weekend might be interesting: probably doing parkrun on Saturday (a friend is on 99 parkruns, and I would like to be there for his 100th), and then doing the Cheshire & South Manchester "Longest parkrun" on Sunday - 7 parkruns throughout the day. I'm aiming to do each one in under 30 minutes, but I suspect Woodbank (the 4th of the 7) might catch me out with its "playful" little hills.

  • Yeah, I've gone quiet because I've been basically rubbish. Family member died so I was left alone with the fridge and childcare duties while my other half went away to sort the arrangements. On a positive note, since the funeral I've stopped drinking in a bid to outlive my mother in law and I'm running the Toad Hall 10K on Sunday. I'll take it slowly and hope it isn't too hot, it's too late to actively train.

  • Sorry to hear that, Kathryn. Bereavement can test any good intentions, but it sounds like you have used it to positive effect. Good luck on Sunday: just enjoy the run - no pressure!

  • Thanks - no pressure except my blood pressure!!

  • How's everyone getting on? My weight loss has completely plateaued, but i'm fairly happy as at least I'm back where I was towards the end of last year. Can't decide whether to step things up and try for my target (which is my weight of 4/5 years ago) of just stay as I am for now.

  • Dare I mention Fasting???????????

  • Fasting??? Won't work in the medium to long term. Any initial loss will be reversed as soon as you start eating properly again. And you will feel tired, grumpy and no good for anything.

    Catalin - it is of course up to you, but I find an intensive week or two of training can break through a plateau. Do a couple of speed sessions a week.

  • Tired, grumpy and no good for anything sums me up this morning, and that's after an egg on toast! My weight is creeping down though, despite no major effort. Probably because I'm eating normally instead of wolfing buffets and takeaways. I think I eat less when the sun shines too, which bodes well for the next week.

  • A week of focussed running - 4 sessions this week: 1 LSR, 2 speed sessions and one easy recovery run. Now, I must admit I weighed myself after a speed session, and was probably in need of some water but the scales say 8lbs lost in 5 days??!!! Don't begin to believe it myself, but looks like I might have lost something!

  • I haven't run in almost a month, after injury and a minor operation I am starting back running tomorrow. I am 6ft and weigh 13.2 Stone. I have 16 weeks to lose 2 stone and be in shape for a provincial championship. Do you's think this is possible? 

    I have been looking at a number of short term diets, I.e low carbs or even the juicer diets. has anyone tried the juice diet while training?

  • 2 stone in 16 weeks sounds a bit of a stretch - approximately 2 lbs a week. That might be possible for some, but probably only the more overweight amongst us. TBH, that doesn't include you: weight is always more difficult to shift when it is the last bit to shift. I am a great believer in not adopting diets that are radically different from "normal eating patterns: at some point you will need to revert back to a usual diet, and any weight lost is likely to reappear. I would focus on regaining your running fitness after your operation: you are likely to lose some weight, but I wouldn't make that your main focus, or set targets that are so difficult to hit.

  • Point taken, this is going to be a challenge. I did a 6 mile walk/run yesterday in 54 mins And it almost killed me. So my plan now is to run 6 days a week (Friday off) and swim 4 mornings a week. I'm also going off takeaways and starting to eat clean! Thanks for advise

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Hi folks.

    Been on holiday - 2 weeks all inclusive and no chance to do much exercise due to a 5 year old and an 18 month old - wouldn't be so cruel as to leave hubby to cope with them alone while I went running (and it was too hot anyway).

    Anyway, despite my best efforts (and free cocktails/sangria) I only gained 2lb, one of which has already gone.  And I haven't run in 4 weeks!

    Declan - take it easy - 6 days a week after an op is a big ask.  Listen to your body and don't push it too much.

    Re the fasting question - I did see or read something recently that studies have shown that one day fasting a week (not total fasting, but one day of less than 500 calories) actually seems to have health benefits aside from any weigth loss.  I'll have a look and see if I can find a link.  Not that I'm planning it - I'm still struggling to keep to the 1200 calorie target on MyFitnessPal!  - As Hallam says - tired, grumpy and no good for anything.......

    Still, recording everything I eat is obviously working, as I'm 5lb lighter than I was, even without much exercise recently.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Not sure if this is the one I saw, but it says much the same thing.


  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Evening folks! 

    Turning to the RW forum for a bit of weightless support as the 'on the wagon for January' and pretty much most of feb did me proud! 

    Certainly not two store to lose, more like just the one is say but need a gentle, if not firm, kick up the rear end on the odd occasion. Is there anyone still lurking who wishes to climb back in board??

  • Hi folks! I am 40yr old mother of 2, have bn 234lb at 

    my heaviest, 4yrs ago. Have managed to lose 54lb since then but have yoyoed between 170-180 lb for last yr or so. Would like to get to 133lb ideally. Have given up on the calorie counting 

    +food weighing as I just can't maintain it long term, hence 

    the yoyo effect.

    Just going to try the healthy food, lower carb, lots of meat, 

    fish, fruit + veg method + see how I go. 



  • Have problems posting from my phone so have to do 

    it in stages, apologies 

    I currently run 5 times a wk and do 26-30miles a wk plus 32miles on my exercise bike 

    Have run 2 marathons, a few halfs and lots of 10k + 5k's, my last race was Strathearn marathon, I managed 

    to lose 10lb during training but gain it back during taper 

    and 3wk reduced running afterwards 


  • On subject of fasting, my Mum fasts for 2 individual 

    days a wk and her consultant who oversees her health 

    due to serious health problems (she suffers from both rheumatoid + psoriatic arthritis very severely) 

    has asked her to continue doing it as her liver + kidney 

    function tests have had the best results she has ever had 

    while she was fasting. She does the 500cal fast

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Hiya tangerine! Fingers crossed you achieve your goals, sounds like you have already achieved a great deal in terms of weight loss! Interesting concept this fasting business, never tried it myself as it just doesn't seem to be a healthy mode of losing weight. Brut like you, both of my parents have kn occasion done it and seem to have got on with it well! I work long hours dojng dodgy shift work and have three young kids  so the thought of fasting and leaving me feeling weak etc doesn't appeal cost I always have to be on my game so to speak.

    just hovering over the submit button on my next race entry... Toying lover either the 24 hr or 48he option, both of which require me to lose the love handle I appear to have Gaines over the last few months!

  • I Have tried the fasting too + once u get into it it gets 

    quite easy, u can have a low cal salad at lunch + 

    low cal dinner for ur 500cals, but being a Mum who 

    has to prepare meals for others does make it harder.


    Never really felt weak while doing it, felt fine, just can't 

    motivate myself back into the habit. 

  • Would like to manage it even one day a wk just for the 

    health benefits, think it is a natural way to eat for humans 

    and the new research on it certainly seems to support that

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Right, have a pretty free day on Tuesday so il give it a whirl! 

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Hi TT - I remember you from Pregnant Runners! 

    My 2 are now 5 and 19 months, and with a Coeliac husband and a fussy 5 year old, I seem to end up making 4 different meals - something I swore I'd never do!

    I've just updated MyFitnessPal for Saturday - night out with the girls (first since little 'un came along) at Pizza Express with lots of wine.  Hmmmm, won't be losing much this week methinks!

  •  My friend did two non consecutive fasting days a week and she lost 2 stone this year. After trying to get down to a healthy BMI all her adult life (30 yrs) it really made a difference.

    It sounds counter logical at 1st but really it is probably what we were designed to do before grain storage and refrigerators/freezers.

    Weight loss is the thing that's made it popular but the health benefits seem more far reaching involving anti aging aspects. The horizon program that brought it to people’s attention claimed that it reduced the risk of cancer, off-set dementia, reduces cholesterol and controlled blood sugar levels. More human trials need to be done to back these claims up but you have to wait a few decades for that.

    Obviously you would only want to do it on rest days but it seems a good idea for runner’s because the weight loss is all fat. A recent paper pointed out that conventional constant calorie restrictive diet weight loss is between 3-5% muscle.

    I have done it before a knee operation derailed me a bit. I find it both easy and hard. It's very simple but it does take a bit of motivation at 1st. The big thing for me was how my overall attitude to food changed. Before I didn't ever feel that hungry but was always compelled to eat rubbish. Now I feel hungry but oddly not as compelled to eat, I can wait until a planned meal rather than raid the vending machine. I also think not eating between meals and avoiding processed food helps.

  • Hi Nessie, yes my youngest is now 5 too, how time flies 

    Jbit- u took the words right out of my mouth, that's exactly 

    how intermittent fasting felt for me too. In fact got back 

    on it today, was actually really easy as was busy all day. 

    Had seafood curry on a bed of lettuce leaves for my dinner 

    and some fruit for supper. My shopping trolley looked super 

    healthy this morning, more than half filled with fruit and veg

  • I don't know why but it seems to take my cravings away or at least lessen them. Almost as if breaking the cycle of processed food for a day reduces the addictive aspects. I'm much more inclined to cook a fresh health meal for tea than eat rubbish.

    Now I don't particularly want the cakes people bring into the office, even on the feed days, whereas before I’d have one then be desperate for another. It would seem obvious that the weight loss is because of the lack of calories on fasting days but I suspect it also has a lot to do with the changes it makes to the feed days.

  • Exactly Jbit, u think u would wake up starving the day after 

    a fast day too but ur not. 


    Veggie omelette with 3whites + 1 yolk + a banana for brekkie,

    altho since it's lunchtime I suppose it's brunch.

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