"Two stone off" 2013



  • I was doing OK until the weekend. I was down to 14st 12lb on Saturday though, thanks to a couple of fast days and an attempt to stay away from processed foods and takeaways. My problem is avoiding alcohol, I find it hard sticking to the guide line max 4 units although my fast days are alcohol free. I also tend to drink lots of water and fruit/green teas on those days so it hopefully flushes the system out a bit. Starting a running program will help me focus on healthy living rather than just popping over the pub. I've had a pain in the hip and a numb sensation in my foot but it seems to have eased off now so I'll try to start cycling to work this week to get the fitness bit off the ground. I think it might even help the problem if I ran and cycled a bit more.

  • I am a bit control freaky when comes to alcohol. Most folk in my family either rarely drink or have alcohol problem. I will have a bottle of wine or 4 cans of cider per wk and that is it. If it's in the house I will drink it. Hubby had a bottle of gin he got for his birthday and I would have a couple of gins every night. So easy to get into that habit. So I just don't have it in the house during the wk and it's a treat for a Fri or Sat night, usually Fri cos it's long run day.
  • Another half a pound off 176.5 lb now 36.5 lb still to go
  • I am trying the sugar free diet, bn thinking about it for a while and seen woman on telly yesterday talking about so decided to go for it. I am a sugar addict so do need to just cut it out completely. Day one went well, was under my calorie goal by 100cals for the day and wasn't hungry at all. Haven't had any of the bad withdrawal symptoms so far but only day 2. My sugar intake for today will b under 20g as opposed to over 100g that it regularly was before ( I use myfitnesspal to log all my food so I can see how much sugar I take in in a day). There r obviously natural sugars in most foods so u don't cut it out completely, but no added sugar and no high sugar foods. Will keep u posted how it goes.

    One problem I have is I use flapjack bites on my LSR and not sure whether to still do that or whether to find an alternative.
  • This looks all good. I'm trying to get a couple of stone off myself but I have a bit of a dilemma. I've been running for years (now 45). I spent most of my time up until I was 30 doing judo competitively so although I love running I've always convinced myself I'm the wrong shape. I have a high bmi but I'm only at about 16% fat, short stumpy legs which are ideal for judo but no good for the last few hundred of a 10k. I believe I could honestly get better and even start to look at my watch at the end of my runs if I lost some muscle mass. And maybe even take the plunge and enter a race or even better join a club. At the moment tbh my shape and how I perceive it to be holding me back is a confidence issue stopping me from doing both of the former.

    Any thoughts?

    I don't usually enter races but I love 10 k plus trail runs. I trained for my own 26.2 miler and got in in 4hrs 28 and get in at around the 50 min mark for a 10k and can do 5 miles in under 39 mins.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Harriet I am 41 and overweight, couldn't give a toss what other people think I look like out running. I have run 2 marathons and am training for my 3rd and my 1st ultra. Their skinny asses couldn't run to the end of the street.

    2 lb off this wk, that's what I like to see. 34.75lb to go. Losing weight has become more about taking pressure off my feet and ankles running long distances and less about what I look like.
  • Where the hell did Harriet come from? Sorry Garrie. iPhone 'correcting' things
  • Thanks good work. 2 Ib of a week is the way forward me thinks.

  • Only started cutting back on sugar on Wed so over the moon with 2lb. If could get that every wk I'd b a happy woman.
  • Nobody posted here for a while. How's everybody getting on? I've been doing paleo on and off since April now and, although I can't give a figure on how much I've lost, because I don't tend to bother weighing myself, I have slimmed down a fair bit. Getting a new bike has helped as I've been commuting on it, so although my running miles aren't as high as they could be, I've been keeping active. Losing weight has definitely helped with my running - feel much stronger on the uphills and the lack of carbs hasn't hindered me at all really (although I did bonk a bit on the way home from work on the bike last week and had to stop for a snickers!)

    I used to eat way too much bread, past, rice etc but now I hardly ever touch those, apart from rice very occasionally (usually brown). I have loads of veg and salad, some fruit, meat, eggs, nuts and small amounts of cheese and rice. Seems to be doing the job!

  • Well done CR. Paleo? Not familiar with that.

    It's a hard old slog to motivate yourself through what you're doing so good on you.

    I have been doing a base programme (new one on me I must admit) and it was doing me well. Problem is, I went on holiday so pumped iron and press ups/sit ups to get some semblance of a beach body. Since then, I've stuck to base

  • Garrie, what is a 'base programme'?

    I'm doing rubbish at the moment. I can't motivate myself at all and end up eating and drinking too much on the evenings when I should be cooking for myself.

    I think I might need a bit of help but I'm not sure where that will come from, even the dog pulls to go in any pubs we pass by.

    Think I might look at the Paleo though. There seems more and more information about older unprocessed diets being good for us. I noticed on the list of the worlds best diets on Channel 4 had Iceland top with lots of unprocessed meat and fresh stuff. They even said we should go back to cooked breakfasts. It seems that it's a myth that sat fat is bad for us and we've swopped foods like eggs and bacon for processed cereals pumped with sugar and E-numbers and all things bad.

    Can you have milk on the Paleo CR? I might be able to cut out/down the beer but I'm not sure about not having a good loose leaf tea with FF milk.  

  • Jbit, True about the processed v sat fat. Food manufacturers are partly to blame as are supermarkets - question remains - how much they're to blame.

    Not had a look up at Paleo yet. But base training - I'd never heard of it till about 4 months ago and it is basically working for extended periods (session and schedule length) below your aerobic threshold.  There's lots out there about it but I found out from another part of the forum - link below. Read the thread and the links and you'll get the principles of base training in no time. I've focused on the 'Maffetone' and 'Hadd' method but all will be revealed from here:


    Good luck.

  • I'm a fully qualified sports nutritionist if anyone is looking for any advice just give me a shout : ) Craig

  • Absolute pure paleo has no dairy in it JBit, but I have foregone that as I don't personally have any issues with it and would find the extra restriction a bit of a hassle. As my aim was just to eat more natural food and less carbs, then milk, natural yoghurt, cheese (in moderation) and butter seem to fit in to that diet quite well. I'm sure some paleo purists wouldn't consider my diet paleo at all, but that was my starting point and I have made little adaptations as I've gone along. For me, it's losing the bread and sugar that have made the difference.

  • CR - that's what works for me. I have been refined-sugar free for 4 weeks now. It's working but where I don't get the full-up 'fix' from chocolate or sugar, I'm having bread, sometimes too much. Out of all the carbs we eat, more than about a slice of wholemeal bread per day will def have an adverse affect - dep of course on other factors. For me, in my mid-forties though, you can see where the fat from bread carbs ends up after only a week or so if it's not done in moderation or cut out all together.

  • I've always eaten far too much bread as it's just such an easy option for breakfast, lunch and snacks. I hardly ever touch it now. I have noticed a definite reduction in airborne toxic events when I'm not eating it too.

  • Yes it is quick & easy - that's the downfall. Another thing with it too is not only does the stodge make it feel substantial, it's laced with excess salt.

  • So what do u eat instead of bread that is quick and easy? I was having venison sausage, turkey rasher, mushrooms, tomato and egg white ( can't do yolks daily, kill my guts) but it is a palaver in the morn and costly. Never know what to have for lunch either, other than salad and get sick of salad.
  • Pre-preparation and storage may work for you. Snacks in freezer bags/Tupperware containers.

    Use crisp bread or Rivita

    The meals where you need to use bread - use the 'lightweight' stuff - Slimcea type

    Hard boiled eggs are OK for me as a filling bread replacement and can be prepared/stored.

    Cooked whole chicken.

    Fajita wraps/pita bread in moderation.

    All better than doorstep slices

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