Foggy goggles

Hello all.

I've got some new goggles which are supposed to be antii fog.  They fog.  WIthin 25m usually.

The blurb says don't rub the lenses, don't spray the lenses, don't spit on the lenses etc etc all of which I've stuck to. I put them on when dry on a dry head/face, they don't leak - so the moisture must be coming from me.

Any thoughts?


  • Which make are they?

  • Put them on wet, and on a wet face.  Could be a dfference in temperature

  • Thanks, TRI - although with all the fogging, I've tried them wet, too.

    NR - Zoggs Predator

  • I had some that said do not spit on the lenses, unfortunatly the other pool users still spat at me !!

  • AH - this happens a lot to me at the start of OW season where I am obviously a lot warmer than the water.  The only thing I can suggest is to get both face and goggles wet and as close to same temperature as poss

  • yep, Schmunks, must be a temp thing.


  • AH - I have a pair of them - obviously being a bloke I never read the instructions, so I spit on the lens before I swim and have no problems (both OW and pool) image

  • most of the antifog claims dont hold up imo - Isnt it pretty basic science that the temperature differential between the air outside the googles and the air trapped inside creates the fog. even with a dry face and goggles when your face temperature raises this will heat the air inside the goggles and cause the   water that is present in the air to condensate on the cold surface. all the antifog coating does is stop the accumulation of droplets on the lens, put some fairy liquid in them, its cheap and it works 

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭

    I have the same goggles & they fog up occasionally.  Some of my swimming group use baby shampoo & they swear by it although I haven't tried it yet.

  • Thanks everyone.
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