New Balance 860v3, Any other users?

Hello everyone


I've just switched to a pair of NB 860v3 which were selected and fitted at my local store after gait anaylsis.  Prior to these I've had 3 pairs of Asics Kayanos (I was fitted for the first pair some years ago) but was starting to struggle with the final pair and suspected my running style might have changed over the Kayano years.


So far I've run about 60 miles in the NBs over varying distances from 5 - 8 miles and I find that the right shoe feels like my socks (Fox River running socks, again used and replaced like-for-like for a long time) are sliding down and bunching up under my toes.  Also both soles burn after the first couple of miles.  I've tried several different socks, also the same socks for 7 miles in a different pair of Nike's that I only normally wear for casual.


I'm a bit worried that the front of the sole or the insole might be defective.  Any thoughts or similar experience?


I will be returning to the shop where I bought the shoes, but work in Germany and I'm not back in UK until after Easter so would like some ideas before I go back.


For the meanwhile I'll have to struggle on with these (and sore feet) as I don't have anything else with me image




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