Orthotics cause injury?

Hi all, new to the forum. 


I got into running a year or so ago, after snapping my ACL in my left knee playing football and subsequently deciding not to have a reconstruction meant I struggle with things like football/rugby etc now.  

Running was fine on my knee, but I was struggling for a while with a foot problem which was suspected to be to do with my cuboid when running for much more than an hour, so after consultation with a physio and a running shop, was blamed on me overpronating and having flat arches. I was recommended supportive running shoes (Asics Kayano 18 or Adidas Supernova Sequence) and some off the shelf arch supports until I could get in to see a podiatrist. 

Anyhoo, I eventually got to see a podiatrist who said that the cause of the pronation was misdiagnosed and I actually needed some custom orthotics and recommended that I go to a less supportive shoe (He reccommended Saucony Kinvara 3s). 

I have been trying to get on with the custom orthotics and Kinvaras for a few weeks now and can't seem to run more than about 4 miles without getting quite a bit of pain in my outer right knee pretty much immediately after stopping my run. Could this be caused by the orthotics/shoes and is this something that is likely to subside as I adjust to the shoes? 

I'm wondering if it is ITBS and this is something I have not had problems with before.  Before the new shoes/inserts I was running 3-4 times a week between 6-11 miles with no problems from the "temporary fix" given by my physio.  


  • Go back to the podiatrist and ask for a re-analysis now you have paid him for customn orthotics and changed your shoes. There should be no charge.


    If I had to chose between a physio and a podiatrist advising me on orthotics I would go with the podiatrist but that does not mean your prescription has been handled correctly.

  • Thanks for the reply. I will go back to him, although I haven't paid anything. I'm in the forces, so it's paid for.  Unfortunately though, it can sometime take a while to get an appointment.  I was just wondering how long it would normally take to adapt to new orthotics and drastically different shoes and whether this sort of pain is something that is commonly experienced during changeover. 

  • Were you told to break in your orthotics? I recently got some and was advised to wear them in my day to day shoes for about a week then try some short runs with them and gradually build up. The podiatrist also said to go back if there were any problems, but so far everything's been fine. Did the podiatrist watch you run in the Kinvaras with the orthotics in? And did he watch you run outside or on treadmill? I never run on a treadmill so I always ask for my gait to analysed outside.


  • I tried orthotics, prescribed by a podiatrist who had diagnosed Mortons Neuroma. They caused me no end of problems in my knees and feet! Have a look at this  


    I switched to a stable shoe and spent a lot of time barefoot. My problem hasn't gone altogether but is much more manageable.

    Good luck!

  • @vellooo - I was told to break in my orthotics, which I did gradually in my normal shoes first for a week and then wore them in my trainers around the house and out walking for a week or so before I even went for a run.  I then built it up gradually from a mile or two. 

    I think I'll have to go back to him.  I did feel a little "under-served" if that makes sense? He basically had me walk up and down a corridor in bare feet and said, "Yes, that's fine. I know exactly what the problem is." Never even wanted me to run at all! image/ He then took a cast of my feet and recommended that I ditch the support shoes and go for some minimalist ones.  Gave me a list of "suitable" shoes (can't recall them all now, but the Kinvara was one) and said that when the orthotics come they might be uncomfortable at first and I mightget a few aches and pains to begin with. 

    I assumed I would get some pain in my feet and maybe my calves/shins etc while I adjusted, but surely ITB pain can't be good? Considering switching back to my old trainers and insoles but I want to be sure I've given the orthotics a chance. 

    @Judith - I was in stable shoes to begin with, which seemed to help but only with the off the shelf arch supports, before I put them in I was struggling with foot pain in longer runs. 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Go back to the temporary fix. If it was ok and you could runwell then it was,ok.

    I had some real orthotics (didn't work) 

    The off the shelf arch supports worked perfectly. I believe the reason was that the orthotics were just solid mouldings while the 'off shelf' were rubber.

    The orthotics I felt were just blocking my feet from working properly and therefore just transferred the stresses elsewhere (both ankles). The rubber inserts were less draconian in their application.

    An 'if it ain't broke, dont' fix it' situation.

  • Cheers Ric.  I reckon I'll probably try that.  It's a shame, because the Kinvaras look great and they're sooooooo lovely and light compared to all the support shoes I've had.  Here's hoping it solves the problem.  I'll probably go back and see the podiatrist too though and see if he suggests anything else. 

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