VLM training in Jo'burg - help!

I'm training for the VLM (my first ever marathon) and following the sub 3:45 plan on the RW website. Training has been going well so far, but I'm going to South Africa 27th March - 15th April for work so I'm a bit concerned how I will be able to keep up with my training as A) Johannesburg is hardly the safest place to run B) It's at altitude so may struggle breathing wise to do some of my planned runs I am a member at Virgin Active so will have access to the VA gyms in Johannesburg. Anyone have any good advice how I can manage my training whilst in SA?


  • Treadmills could do it. As to altitude - see how you go. Its not as high as you'd want for proper altitude training - so you might be fine.

    And if you can do your long runs on a treadmill - your mental strength will be great for VLM.

    Is there a RW Africa ? There must be running clubs over there - maybe its possible to run outside ?
  • There are several parkruns around jo'burg - why not go along to one of those and ask about where to run or who to run with?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I don't know much about Jo'burg but just looked up the altitude - it's similar to ski resorts I've run in.  High enough to make a bit of a difference but you'll still be able to run comfortably enough. Use a HR monitor if possible, to run to effort.

  • Try to contact the Rand Athletic Club in Jo'burg they are great and always welcome overseas runners they are like the Serpies in London



  • i spent a few weeks just outside cape town last year and although argueably much safer, i ran with the local running club there and not only were they really friendly, i was taken on runs and routes that i would never have found as a visitor - 20km morning mountain runs with the most amazing views anyone? It really enhanced my whole experience and I can whole heartedly recommend it.

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