What is your A race this year and why - looking for inspiration

fresh back from injury and have scaled back grand thoughts of long ultras this year to more like a marathon (or two), a tri (or two) and/or a 50k.  

Looking for ideas and inspiration - what are you doing that you think would be amazing to try??



  • I am doing the Sussex Marathon on the 7th April. Only its third year of existing but a nice hilly, but scenic and challenging race.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    Leaden boot challenge off road marathon with 5800ft ascent .........yeeha !!


  • Purbeck marathon in September, lots of hills and mostly offroad!

  • thats gonna be a tough one David. . .image

  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Andover Parkrun 5k - Im building up to it.



    I like to do a bit of parkrun tourism, so I ran that back in February. Nice event, it was a bit muddy when I did it - nearly fell over at one point.


    Will you be making any rash predictions about your performance? image


  • Hey Max's Mum, I'm doing Purbeck too. My first ever marathon. Did you do it last year?


    That is definitely my A race by the way.

  • Edinburgh Half Marathon, its my hometown and it is downhill / flat  (so I am assured) so I am hoping to beat my Swindon and Bristol times. warming up with lots of Swindon parkruns.

  • I have two marathons this year, (my first two) Giant's Head in Dorset on June 29th as my A race, and also Chester on October 6th. Then the plan is to do edinburgh Marathon May 14. My DEFINITE A race for 2014

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