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I just want to know about what foods you sub 1:20 HM runners eat? I want to shift at least a stone before my next HM on the 28th April.. please some guidance would be good.. I train 5 times a week/




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Thats a couple of contrasting queries today - sub-25 5k & sub-80 HM!

    Losing a stone in a month sounds like a big ask.  Based on some dodgy internet-based facts and figures - to lose 1lb of fat you need to burn 3500 additional calories over your food/drink intake. so to lose 14lbs, you need to burn 49000 additional calories.

    I'd reckon a sub-80 HM runner would typically be running a minimum of 50 miles per week (proabably a lot more but I want some easy maths!) - which equates to roughly 5000 calories a week @ about 100 cals per mile (based on my Garmin's readings).  That means you'd have to run about 10 weeks of 50 miles per week to burn through a stone's worth of fat, with everything else being equal. To burn 49000 calories before April 28th would require running 120 miles per week, whilst not eating anything more - which would probably kill you!

    These figures aren't that well researched - but it does show that losing a stone is a significant amount.  If you diet too hard whilst training hard, you are likely to cause yourself some issues.

    Currently I'm reading "eat & run" by Scott Jurek (a top ultra runner) which might interest you - it is the extreme end of the scale, as he manages 7 min/mile at the end of rugged 100 milers etc image.  However i might give you some insights into how to fuel a runner's body.  



  • I think, quite regardless of what running is being done, losing a stone in a month is generally considered an unhealthy amount of weight loss.



  • ha stutyr.. I just like asking the questions! image.. its all for research.. I've read that book its a really good for food ideas a very committed individual

    TBH the lose a stone ask wasn't thought about as I typed.. I do apologie. What I plan to do know is take a look at my diet which is'nt that bad and take out some of the maybe unhealthy or bad foods out for a while as I do like the odd packet of sweets! but thanks for taking time to reply guys image


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