RocketSports Half Marathon

Anyone run an event by rocketsports before? wonder what they are doing for marshalls, etc.



    Hi John

    Thanks for asking the question.

    I'm the one actually organising this, so thought I'd try help and answer your questions.

    We're running the event as a proper event - as in marshalls, fully mapped out with signage (arrows, mile / km markers) en route, chip-timed, toilets, waterstations and so forth.

    I'm a runner and triathlete myself and also assistant coach at Serpentine Running Club.  The reason we've set this up is I've had enough of running races and triathlon's with nothing to do for my lady and family when they come and support me.

    We're making that extra effort by supporting our local busineses, bringing them all together and offering BBQs, food stalls, drinks and refreshments along with some fun activities for runners friends, families and supporters to do whilst runners are out, in a beautiful setting.  Fun activities include things like face painting for the kids, egg and spoon races, to name just a few things.

    We've partnered up with The Running School, Urban Vitality, New Chiswick Pool (Health and Sports Centre), my local butchers (Mackens - who are providing the BBQ), The Lamb Brewery (who are offering beer and pimms and lemondate etc), to name just a few.

    Our goal is to create a great running event in Chiswick (where I live) that's done properly with a few great additional extras.

    I hope that answers your questions.

    If there's anything else you want to know please drop me a line - jonathan (at)

    Kind regards



  • PS I was going to amend the description to add in the marshalls and chip timed but I can't find where to amend this!

  • Hi Jonathan. Great news. Can you tell me anything about the childrens fun run?


  • Hi John,

    We're going to look at this on the day, subject to the numbers we have. If we do do this it'll be a jog around the stunning grounds of Chiswick House.

    However we are doing the egg and spoon races, and three legged races!

    An update on the chip timings, we can't unfortunately do this.

    Our timing chip guys have just let us down - actually just now, and I cannot find any other alternatives to do this for us due to their being many other races this day; so we're doing this the old fashioned way of stop watches and clip boards, although we are videoing all finishers alongside a large finishing clock.

    I hope that's okay.

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