Knee Injury after Reading Half Marathon - Advice needed please


I ran the Reading Half (my first half marathon) on Sunday, my knee has been very painful, especially the last two days. I can walk ok but as soon as I try and walk up/down stairs it is so painful on my left knee, quetsion is,  I know I cannot run but would anyone know of any other exercise to do, swimming maybe?

any thoughts/feedback or help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting so frustrated doing no running at all!

Thank you




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    Have you diagnosed the injury? It sounds like a possible ITBS (google it) problem... I'd have thought that swimming would be ok, as long as there's no pain, but I'm no expert.
  • I'm having the same problem at the moment. I've been training for a half marathon, and started to get knee pain in gym classes then it completely went when out for a long run, and I had to abandon the run at 4 miles.

    The doctor said there is no ligament tears and it's probably a sprain but 4 weeks on I'm still unable to do any exercise.

    The pain seems to be around/under the knee cap on my right leg. Hurts more when upping my walking pace and walking up and down stairs.

    I'm hating not being able to exercise - back to the doctors Monday.

  • Hiya...i saw a physio running days are over for a long while! Have to see a knee surgeon! @taxidriver once this imediate pain has gone swimming will become my best friend!

    Becky def go back to drs and make sure they give you answers...are you near Berkshire at all? I can highly recconmend the physio i am seeing...

  • Oh no, do they know what damage you have done?

    No I'm in Manchester. I'm going to have to become a swimmer to I can feel the pounds piling on already!

    Really hope I can go running again soon image hope you knee recovers quickly.

  • I had the same after my first half a month ago. I have been icing it after running and wearing a knee support which helped - however the other knee then started hurting as it was compensating for the other knee. The doc said to keep both knees as symmetrical as possible to avoid further problems. Am now wearing knee supports on both knees now.

    Take care and I hope you're up and running soon xx
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    Emmy5 -- Sorry to hear that... Just out of interest, what was the diagnosis? Perhaps after all the swimming you could do some cycling before getting back to running... And then at least you'd be triathlon ready! image
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