Diet problems...

Anybody else unable to stop themselves snacking? Thing is, I understand nutrition, know what's good and bad for me, but since my injury I've become some sort of weight-gaining eating machine which makes me feel worse. I can't fight the urge. My general diet is very good but when you add in the snacks it counteracts it.

Anyone experienced a similar thing/got any tips?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Just keep fresh fruit and/or dried fruit & nuts nearby.  The thing about snacking is the convenience, so just keep something healthy nearby and you'll grab that rather than something unhealthy.


  • Just say no !

    Man up
  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Just say no !

    Man up

    DTES - surely that can't be the answer to everything? image


  • Really helpful. Thanks.


    (Genuine thanks to you stutyr- I like the idea, but I usually end up eating both the healthy stuff and the fruit/good stuff = double the calories). It always seems to be due to boredom hence why I think this is why it's come on especially bad since the injury...

  • Sorry, haven't yet found an app that stops you eating....

    So it takes will power and self control...
  • Everytime I want to snack, I have a glass of water - sometimes that can take the edge off enough to distract me from reaching for the crisps.

    But I am far from perfect, as the empty Wispa packet sitting on my desk can attest to....

  • Don't buy stuff that you will snack on!


    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Just say no !

    Man up


    It works for me!

  • are still young and you need to get yourself another activity whilst injured........

    you are in danger of getting obsessive about food as half of the threads you have started are about food,..........

    relax, chill out and get doing something else..and you will have less time to think about food

  • Boredom?  Try finding something to keep you busy.

  • Try not to have any snack foods sitting around. Or even in the house, really. If they're not there, the temptation kind of disappears. If you're feeling peckish, have a cup of tea or coffee. Caffeine is a mild appetite suppressant and drinking something hot usually works for me as a distractor. And like Seren says, don't obsess about food!

  • Torchbearer123 wrote (see)

    It always seems to be due to boredom...

    I think you've identified the problem pretty well yourself. food is just a distraction from the boredom. Find another distraction to replace it (but not skag, just say "no")

  • It's just greed, plain and simple.

  • Find a hobby that keeps your hands busy, then it is less convenient to snack.  I find that any sort of craft works for me as I don't want to get the work dirty by spilling food on it

    Alternatively keep your brain active.  Puzzles and crosswords are good for that

  • Sorry Caz.....your post made me laugh as i know have the thought in my head of this tall slim teenage boy.sitting down with some knitting whilst doing a crosswordimage

  • I was trying not to make it sound like I was recommending masturbation Seren.  Sounds like I succeeded image

  • caffeine, chewing gym and sugar free squash are all good to reach for when you have the munchies. keep the house snack free wherever possible. i'm also a big fan of sugar free jelly if i feel like i need to treat myself. i've also started having a protein ball a day as these really help fill you up ... much more than any other 200 calories you could have.

    good luck - diet control can be tough for some people (myself included). the important thing is you know what you are doing wrong. 

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