Cheshire Cat postponed

Due to the impending weather and potential safety risks of 3600 skating up and down now cop it's been postponed. Unfortunately the new date is outlaw- 7th July Hope to transfer my entry to something else instead Just wait - it'll be 20 degrees by Sunday!


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Probably inevitable given the forecast - lots of snow and sub-zero all weekend so even if  it melts there'll be lots of ice on the lanes.   

    How about asking if they'll transfer to Flat out in the Fens - that's a good one and I think there are already some off here doing it - couple of weeks before Outlaw and it's flat so you could do it on a TT bike as a warm up.   


  • gutted about the cat and more gutted that it falls on the outlaw! Popsider we should get more doing the flat out!imageimageimageimageimage

  • Think I'm doing flat out in the fenns, 4th time!!!!

  • Are you going for the 112?
  • Count me in for the Flat Out.

  • yep 112


  • Mrs SA is currently thinking about it

  • i love the idea of the flat out in the fens but only 2 weeks before the big day is too close for me.....

  • 2 weeks is loads of time, last long ride and then into taper

    Travelodge round the corner £25 bargin



  • Right. Ill sign up for it too then. 112 still seems like a bloody long way.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    112 flat - it's only worth 80 or so in the hills - easy!  







    (unless it is windy)  

  • oh come on think big, I don't want to be the only one going all the way! PS do not mention anything other than perfect weather.

  • Having ridden this for the last 3 years, if that course is windy it becomes worse than a hilly course of a very hilly day


  • I was on it last year and found the 112 ok ( much to my suprise) but it gave me massive confidence for my first ironman at Outlaw.  I now need  a bigger challenge prior to another crack at the Outlaw, What's the worst that could happen , I fail to do the full distance? That is a challenge worth taking, see you there... whatever the weather there will be no snow!

  • Anyone had it confirmed if you are allowed to transfer entries, K2G are suspiciously quiet at the moment. If it is allowed, think I will opt for Tour of the Peaks. If transfers are not allowed, quite frankly they can f##k off and never get a penny out of me again
  • Flat out in the fenns entered, Hotel booked.


    Matt are you traveling down the night before?

  • Yes. We normally stay at a travelodge just down the road. I'm hoping I can blag a lift with Kilotogo there and back. Ill just help out with anything they need before and after the ride.

    Shall I see if I can get us all in the same wave / group to start?
  • I will be travelling down early and hopefully will see you all in blinding black and gold, if your on for the 112 we can at least play around for the first 50 miles or so until the route splits.

    I can then play around with next century and try not to get lost!


  • Booked into a travelodge but not the one thats 1 mile away, this one is 3 miles away (cheaper and don't have to pay for parking)


  • i might do this as its on my doorstep but its the week after my SDW100 mile run so not too sure about it really, we'll see

  • 100 mile run sounds rough, over several days?? Makes my '' week after the UK 70.3'' seem a bit pedestrian! Maybe youi could give the 156 a miss and do the more popular 112? Be great to see as many pirates as possible
  • several days !!! image im looking at 24 hours but will settle for 30


  • oh and the 100 miler is just under 2 weeks after the double iron to make things a tad harderimage


  • IIRFC last year we stayed at the Eye Green travelodge, next to the mcdonalds.
    Went for a rather nice curry just down the road

  • DK,156 on the flat should be a walk in the parkimage

  • might do the 112 - no point in going longer after the double as next year ill more than likely be going back to my original plan of going faster at shorter distances. did want a 5 hour HIM this year but got carried away with doing silly distances

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