Running shoes for overweight runner

As an attempt to lose weight (I'm 5'9" and 15st 7lbs) I started doing the NHS Couch to 5k a couple of months ago, just road running around my local area. I've pretty much finished the course but last week I got shin splints, incredibly painful, so I've taken a week off to recover.

I think the reason I got them, though, is because I don't have any proper running shoes. I'm just using normal trainers. So I'm looking to buy a good pair of running shoes. I read the "Choosing a Shoe" guide on here and did the footprint test and I don't seem to pronate much, if at all. My footprint looks just like the normal one.

What kind of shoes should I be looking for? Ideally something that is good for road running 5k-10k three times a week, as I've been doing, and will help me avoid injury again.



  • Have you a decent running shop near you ? Whereabouts do you live ?

    Running is good - but it still only burns around 100 calories a mile - so its part of the solution - but you still need to cut down.

    Good luck with it !
  • Cheers. I live near Rotherham. There's a running shop in Meadowhall, actually, and I work just around the corner from there. SweatShop, I think it's called. I worry about getting ripped off, pricewise, from an actual shop, though. Things are so much cheaper on the Internet image

  • if you are a neutral runner then any nuetral shoe with cushioning will do..........

    might be worth for your first pair going to a good shop.getting their advice and then buying the shoe from them in return......


    afetrwards you can always look for something cheaper on the net but often running shops are wuite competitive

  • Hey CrunkyBall, I was in your position a couple of years ago, similar height and weight and suffering from shin splints whilst building up to 5k.

    I'd definitely biting the bullet and getting yourself down to Sweatshop for some decent advice.  OK you might pay a premium compared to some websites (although they do have some belting deals from time to time) but there's also great value to be had in knowing that the shoes on your feet are the best match for you.

    And off course there's nothing like a decent hole in your bank account to help keep you motivated to lacing them up and going for a run!

    Keep up he good work.

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi crunkyball

    Well done on getting into running. My advise would be as above. I would def buy my first pair of shoes from a shoe shop just to be sure to get one which fits and is comfortable. There is nothing worse than having shoes which are uncomfortable or worse, give you injuries. The advantage of a shop over the Internet is that you can try several pair of shoes right there, and pick the one you like the best. Most shops have a treadmill too so you can have a run too. If you buy over the Internet you have no idea what kind of shoe you are getting and returning then could be a hassle. Once you found your perfect shoe you can buy them online when they need replacing.
  • Okie doke. Cheers, all. I'll take your advice and nip to Sweatshop tomorrow image

  • A slightly different idea too, have a look at your technique if you have the patience for it. Every time I tried to start running previously I had ITB problems and shin splints and knee problems and all sorts. About 8 months ago I was in a pub (it always is isn't it?) and seem to have agreed to run 100k in 2014. A bit rash I know.

    Anyway I told my friend about all the problems I had and he pointed out that maybe I had never 'learnt' to run properly. I thought it sounded crazy but agreed to look into it. Cutting a long story short (too late, I know) after reading shed loads about good form and 'correct' running on the web and various other places I put some thought into how I foot strike and things like that and I haven't had a single problem so far.  I'm even in minimalist shoes but I would not recommend that unless you are going to be very careful!

    So definitely go to a running shop, that is certain, and if you can face it, it might be worth thinking about looking at how you run.

    Sorry, this turned into a bit of a missive!

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Look online if you cannot make it to a shoe shop and do the water test. Stand in a bowl of water then place each foot on a sheet of a4 gives you an idea if you over pronate etc... I did that when 15 stone and went as padded as possible eith shoes went asics 2170s route, as the test said I over pronate. Now I'm 9.5 stone and still wearing the same model of trainerimage
  • I went to Sweatshop in Meadowhall on Friday but I think they saw me coming a bit, to be honest. They tested my gait on a machine and made me some custom insoles as I have a moderate overpronation on my left foot. They were £45. Then I got recommended three pairs of shoes. I tried them all on and picked the ones I thought felt best. They were £140! Of course, I didn't find any of this out until I got to the till and, faced with the £185 total, I did the very British thing of not complaining and handing over my card all whilst screaming in my head at the price.

    £185 seems incredibly overpriced for a beginner runner, even to fix shin splints. Really, it's my fault for not checking the price of anything before I got to the till.

    I've worn them running once so far and they do feel good and comfortable but I'm still considering taking them back under the 30 day guarantee. Though, I think I'll have to lose the £45 for the custom insoles.

    Incidentally, these are the shoes:

  • Gah, just looked at their policy and it looks like I could only exchange them for a different pair of shoes and "If exchanging for a cheaper pair of shoes, a refund will not be given for the price difference. If exchanging for a more expensive pair, you will be required to pay the difference." so I might as well just keep them.

    I feel like I've been fleeced a bit, to be honest and can't see myself going back there any time soon. Nevermind, I'd just better make sure I do a serious amount of running in these shoes image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Sorry but a newbie needs their feet looked after a lot if not you will give up and not run again.

    It really isn't their fault you didn't say oh I can only spend ??80 please bear this in mind... You clearly went in wanting the best! And I guess that's what you got.

    Thing is you are spoilt nowimage good luck with your running.

    Sorry whining on here after meekly hanging over your card gets you 0 sympathy, either you should have said something or not whine!!!
  • ouch it does seem a lot but if they suit you it will be money well spent. I had to try loads before finding ones that suit luckily I only paid £50.00 at Sweatshop so they do have cheaper ones.

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