Ingrown toenail, anyone had these?

I have a slight ingrowing toenail on my  left big toe, with it being so close to the London Marathon im not sure what to do, get it sorted or checked at a chirpoidist or hope it gets better? It is a bit sore sometimes though doesnt stop me training hard, i am aware its there sometimes.

Anyone else had this and what did you do?



  • Chiropodist. Suffered with them a lot as a kid too much playing football. They can get nasty infections and I would certainly not not want to run with one.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Get it looked at by a chiropodist.  It may not bother you much now, but don't let it get any worse.

  • Definitely get it fixed before the race, I had one that started bleeding and hurt just walking on it recently. Then another one that got infected and I had to go on antibiotics for it.

  • definitely get it looked at asap. they are unbelievably painful if infected and you certainly won't be running on it

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