Easterr Monday 1st April

It appears as if I have a day pass for Easter Monday. Does anyone fancy a rideout. Surrey start, no firm plans. A few thoughts?

  • Downs Link path (MTB)
  • Surrey Cycle Way
  • Death on the Downs (all the hills between boxhill and Ranmore up/down each one)




  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    We havent done Downslink for ages...
  • The pub at Shoreham did a very good club sandwich as I remember.

  • I may be able to join in for a short bit. Limited to about an hour at the moment but it would be fun to get out.

    There are hills between Boxhill and Ranmore???

  • Oops I meant Newalnds corner.

    Have done most of them in one go before but quite fancy a shot at doing all of them.

    • Newlands - both sides
    • Whitedown & Staples Lane
    • Coombe Lane /Crocknorth
    • Ranmore/Dorking
    • Ranmore/Polseden
    • Boxhill
    • Maybe Shere Rd as well
  • That's a cracking ride and as near as dammit the beginners guide ride but I can't manage all of it yet. Newlands for a burger after, maybe....

    Speak VERY NICELY to Ferret for the best surprise half way!!

  • Only difference to the beginners ride is that my version all are done both ways up and down on both north and south of the downs. I did contemplate riding them all from the mole valley gap with loops getting larger for every lap.

    • Up ranmore/down back of ranmore - back to A24
    • Up whitedown/down crocknorth - back to A24
    • ......
    • up newland down back of Newlands back to A24

    Would be a fun day out.

  • I'd be keen to come and play....the more hill practice for Lanza the better!! image

  • No way am I fit enough to tackle the Surrey Hills but I might survive the Downslink image

  • You guys have seen the forecast right?     image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    You guys have seen the forecast right?     image

    1st April is the National day of Sufferlandria.

     Just sayin'


  • I may escape to come play although I do still hate hills.
  • Saffers wrote (see)
    I may escape to come play although I do still hate hills.

    Pfft ...

  • ....bump

    Anyone up for a ride out tomorrow?


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