Parkrun Leeds

I’m taking part in my first parkrun (Leeds) tomorrow.


Anyone else from the forum likely to be there?



  • You'll love it. Its a biggie, I understand. Parkrun is the most fantastic running out there: everyone should do it. You'll be addicted by 10am (assuming its not cancelled because of the weather!)



  • I was wondering about that, Dan but it looks like so many people do it there will be a hardcore lot demanding it goes on...whatever the weather :P

    Really looking forward to it.

  • First 5k done today...went well, but times won't go up until this afternoon. All I know from timing myself is I did it in less than 35 mins, which I'm quite chuffed with.

    Especially since it was a foot deep of snow in some places!

  • Well done. I did my first (and last!) parkrun last weekend too.

    My fear - coming last. I didn't though.

    I stayed behind 2 people I thought were running at my pace.. they were slower, but I didn't overtake them til near the end as I was unfamiliar with the course.

    I was anxious all the way round "Why am I doing this?" in my head.. so didn't enjoy it.image

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