Nike Vomero 7

Not much feedback on these here, so I thought I'd chip in.

I went from Vomero 1 to 3, of which I bought several pairs cheap while in the states.

After the last pair finally died a few months back, I tried the 6 and 7 - the only two models I can find these days - and opted for the newer model.

For the first 20 miles in them, I wasn't happy at all. They felt harder, and my shins were suffering slightly - which I hadn't had since trying the original model - and I was getting some skin damage under the laces.

However, since then they've softened up significantly, and it's now a comparable ride to what I was accustomed to with the 3.

I still pine for the 3, but if the 7 plummets in price once 8 arrives, I'd happily get a second pair.

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