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Does anyone have a good recomendation of home insurance or bike insurance companies for some one with in excess of  £7k worth of bikes


  • Yes, possibly, PM me.

  • Halifax home insurance for me.... Never had to claim (thank god) but they have details of my TT bike etc and were happy to cover it
  • Can you give me your address please -for er insurance purposes!

  • We are with Hiscox.  I don't know if they are the cheapest in the world but they were the only company that I could get some weird things insured with at less than exhorbitant prices (I have some family stuff  - noone would ever nick it but it has to be insured!)

    I have put our bikes on it  - each one is up to 2.5k no extra premium and our flashier models are a bit more on top per bike but not too much - and that includes racing and travelling.

  • Hiscox - definitely not the cheapest - unless you get robbed then they might be! Certainly better at accomadating the complex.

    Bit like DogTag with travel insurance. Sure the post office is cheaper but you can't go racing IMs on their policy and expect to be covered.

    Horses for Courses - which is why we all have so many bikes!

  • Word of warning, my home insurance covered my bikes, i listed each make and model and cost. After being burgled last year they appointed "wheelies" bike shop to handle the claim, they provided me with a list of the bikes (trek, spec, cannondale only) they supply and none were suitable replacements, ended up taking weeks till i ended up witha cash settlement that was less then i lost. I even sourced replacement bikes and provided the company with a list of costs and they wouldn't use them.

    So may be worth asking how they deal with a claim and who they use.

  • We're with M&S. At the time we took the policy out (years ago but I've checked the cover continues on this basis, although I'm not sure it'd apply to a new policy) it covered any number of bikes as long as none of them exceeded ??4k in value - which works out ideal for us.
  • Thanks guys, company I work for wanted over ??700 a year with staff discount! I don't mind paying if I know they are covered properly! Lets hope I never need it! Race wheels stay in the house other wise it could get stupid
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