More Mile gear turning up in TK Maxx

Pleasantly surprised to find some of this stuff in the Kensington High Street branch.

Short-sleeve running Ts £7.99 (£9.99 on SF)
Running tights £16.99 (£19.99 on SF)

Obviously stock and sizing will be random, but might be worth a rummage.


  • I found Montane Minimus and Atomic running jackets for £50 in TK Maxx last week. Unfortunately not my size, but it's encouraged me to keep looking...

  • Some nice red and blue Brooks jackets in there as well for £15. Sadly only XS and S sizes, but I'll be keeping my peepers open for an M or L.

  • Top place imo. Had lots from there. More Mile is pretty regular. I`ve had some nice NB stuff from there, most recently a waterproof.

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