Why wont this go away?

For the last year or so i have been plagued with what i assume to be shin splints, I'll rest for a few weeks and it will subside then as i ease my mileage back up it starts with a dull pain in my lower shin and steadily as i keep training works its way up my leg. Even after some shorter runs around 5k, by the time i finish i can barely walk. so i rest for a week or 2 and start slow and sure enough after a while it hapens again! this is getting really frustrating now!  i'm 6,2 and around 12 1/2 stone so carrying a bit of extra weight but not that heavy and i'm not a heel striker landing on my midsole. I had my gait analyzed and am a very mild overpronator and have shoes to suit and have even tried a shoe with more padding to no avail. does anyone have any ideas or advice?


  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Although you're resting you don't seem to be doing anything to actually address the cause of the pain in the first place. I would guess until you do that the pain will continue. I'm far from being an expert but in my experience shin pain is nearly always caused by tight/weak calf muscles but a trip to a physio would probably sort you out in no time.
  • if it is weak calves do heel raises and lots of them to strenthen the calf.  Like Stilts no expert but if you are doing nothing different how are you expecting them to go away?  Rest deals with the symptom not the cause - and rest of a few weeks is probably not enough.


    I over pronate and Im injured and sidelined for 3 months as this has caused achilles problems.

    See a decent physio and follow their advice!!  Its grim but unless you do what they ask I think this wont go away.

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