Lost traing plan...help.

I am currently training for my first marathon and have been following the beginners plan from Januarys runners world.  I can't seem to find a copy of it on the website.  I'm not exactly sure what week I am at in the plan, but my marathon is May 26th.  I have been doing the runs that I could remember for the past week, but am getting a bit unsure about how far I should be going now.  I aim to finish in 4:15.  I completed a half marathon in 2 hours last year. 

I am planning on doing 6 miles saturday and 13 sunday, if anyone still has Januarys issue could they let me now if I;'m on the right track. 









  • I don't have a copy and I've never run a marathon, but the beginners plans all look fairly similar. Why not just take a different plan and continue with that instead
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