So last weekend I do half marathon on 1:40:05 and feel strong and very positive about my training progress for London. Today, do long run, 22 miles at 9min mile pace but last two miles more like 10 min pace, and hit the wall at 22, nothing left at all. Now feeling apprehensive about completing the 26 miles in under 4 hrs.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You are running your long runs too fast.

    You raced last weekend which will have tired you outand then tried to run 22 miles at race pace, no wonder you are shattered. Run your next couple of long runs at 10 min miles and that will enable you to get the miles under your belt without wiping you out.

    You should be fine in the marathon as you will have tapered properly.

    What plan are you following as I can't see any plan suggesting running 22 miles at race pace only 4 weeks out.
  • But 9 min miles feel slow, I actually find it awkward to run any slower. My half marathon had an average pace of 7.40, so why would my full marathon pace be 9 min miles? I was thinking more like 8.20 ? My under 4 hours comment was a little misleading, based on the half time I have a target time of 3hrs 45 but worried this is not achievable.
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    When training for a previous marathon, I did a half in 1hr 39 (4 weeks before full) and full marathon in 3hr 44. So, your target of 3hr 45 is about right IMO.  I have the same problem with long runs, my marathon race pace will be 8:00/mile which feels very easy, almost too slow/plodding for the first 10-12 miles, ok for the next 6 and tough after that.  If I run at 8:30`s (in training) at the beginning, it feels so slow and I feel sluggish, so I train at 8:00 to 8:15`s for long run. Experts would say `too fast`.  

    I would agree, your half marathon will have tired you, which is why the 22 was tough, but now you have a 22 miler in your legs, so you will have built some good endurance. After tapering down, you can expect it to be easier next time (race day I suspect).


  • Yep as they say.

    Your half takes it out of you.

    Then less than a week later you're trying to race 22 miles.

    9 mins is too fast for your long run pace - you train slowly. If you race your long runs you'll be knackered for the race itself.

    Where do you want to be fast ? In training or on the big day ?

    If you don't mess up in training, come race day you have nice fresh legs and they will let you hit your target.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Apologies for feeling confused but in one post you say 9 min miles feels too slow but in another you crashed and burned doing a long run at that pace.

    You need to be running your long runs at a pace slow enough to be able to complete the miles without smashing yourself and leaving you knackered for the rest of the week.

    In the week you should be doing your 'speed' work.

    What plan are you following?
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