Aaaarrrgh!!! To run or not to run......

After 6 years of waiting to get a place in the London marathon, I finally welcomed the "congratulations" magazine through my door last October. Then in December last year, I lost a very dear friend to Cystic Fibrosis so the charity to run for took no consideration at all. With training going really well and being up to 17 miles by the end of February, disaster struck. I rolled my ankle badly and partially tore a ligament. As you can imagine, the emotions, tears and upset were immense, my immediate thought that my dream had gone. My physio advised that the tear wasn't too bad and was convinced I would still be able to run, advising to cycle in an attempt to keep cardio fitness up. That was 3 weeks ago. I have been "allowed" to start "jogging" this week, but when I go today, I am only allowed to do 15 minutes and I'd be kidding myself if I said it was "comfortable". Having been cycling 3 or 4 times a week, doing intervals or tempo as I would have done had I been running and even a 2 and 3/4 hr bike ride last Sunday, am I kidding myself that I'm going to make it? Or should I defer and go for it next year? I'm beside myself! Completely gutted. And receipt of the registration details this week didn't help!!!!! Thoughts??


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Sounds a bit late in the day to get ready for a marathon in 4 weeks.

    When I damaged my ankle ligaments playing rugby it took me about 12 weeks to get from the 15 min runs up to running 10 miles comfortably without any pain.

    Maybe worth chatting to your doctor again to get a professional opinion but it's maybe best to defer and really enjoy the event next year.

    If you have put in all the effort to fund raise then why not do a marathon in the Autumn when you will be fit. That is what a friend of mine is doing as he got injured earlier in the year and had to defer London.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    What was yor aim originally? Some people are happy to amble round taking in the atmosphere, but if you were at seventeen in February it sounds like you were training seriously for a good race. If so then I think you should defer, because if you race and- by your own standards- don't do well, you will have have lost what could be your only chance now to run the race. If you think you feel bad now, that feeling is ten times worse!
  • Sounds like deferral is your only option.

    A15 minute jog is nowhere near where you need to be.

    You can still come to the expo and watch the race if you've booked accommodation - but seriously you will struggle if you tried to get round.

    Better luck for next year.
  • Can you get it deferred? I'd do that. You'll be super next year and there's no rush. Give your body a chance to get better. It'll seem better in a little while. And there's no reason you can't do a different marathon in the mean time, before next year's VLM. There's plenty of them. Where you can also get sponsorship. Chin up young Bean! You'll get there. X

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    Three years ago, I did London 2010 off 5 weeks build up, including taper (LOL). Prior to this I had been running 2 or 3 times a week for 5-6 miles, not serious training though. Work and personal reasons meant up until 5 weeks prior, I was not going to run, but the thought of seeing it on the tele knowing I could have been there, made me go for it.  Put in a few LSR`s or 12-14 miles and off I went to London.  I knew I could not go for a time, so just set off at an easy pace. Couple of 1 min walk breaks around 18 and 20 miles, but finished like a train. 34 mins outside my PB, but it was the best marathon experience of my 7 marathons. No pressure or expectations. It was a great run.

    So I would say, keep options open. Train on the bike, run what the ankle allows and be patient. If 7 days before race day it`s still no good, then defer. If ok, do it.  No garantees you`ll be flying in 13 months time. Sometimes, it`s not about the result, but more the journey/experience on the way. London is one hell of a day (done 5), shame to miss the party.


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