Cushioned shoes again

Can anyone please please recomened a lush pair of cushioned shoes for my poor shin slpints. I need as much cushioning as possible ive been told.


  • Dano

    Are you absolutely sure that its your shoes? What shoes do you run in at the moment? How long have you had them?

    Other things that could be causing shin splints are too much running too soon on surfaces which are too hard.

    Also do you know whether you have any motion control problems? For example in my experience something like a Nike Pegasus is an excellent reasonably priced shoe but has limited stability control. In other words best to go to a specialist running shoe before you pick a particular brand.
  • I am a supinator extreme and I have had a pair of Nike Air Pegasus and a pair of Asics Cumulus II, alternating since March 2002. I am continuing with the Asics because I get pain on the outside of my knee with the Nike, and since I always run on tarmac the Asics cushionng seems better.
  • Dano

    I'm with Martin here. You need to be sure of the cause of your shin splints before blaming your shoes. As he points out motion control (or gait) problems and lots of running on hard surfaces can cause shin splints. Also adding speed work to your schedule too soon, or adding too much, can also play havoc with the poor old shins. And, if you do have motion control problems 'cushioned' shoes aren't necessarily the answer. They fine if you're neutral runner looking for a bit of cosseting on long runs, or if you don't pronate properly. By this I mean if you have an inflexible foot the doesn't roll from heel to toe efficiently. If, on the other hand you over pronate a lot , some cushioned shoes should really be avoided. So, take a look at your training, and visit a specialist retailer. And if you've any more questions drop me a line.

    RW Writer
  • Hi Dano,
    I am a true beginner and I was not making any progress due to shin splints, and I was getting quite stressed about it. I have now purchased a new pair of shoes from a chain sports shop as I didn't have time to get to a proper runners shop. For once there were a few pairs that fitted me well, especially the Asics, in the end I went for a nike running one and touch wood and all that I haven't suffered - let the running begin !!!
    Good luck

  • Hi all,
    Can anyone give me some advice,i'm a beginner with sore shins,i'm running 3miles twice a week on tarmac for the last 3weeks.
    I went to a running shop and they checked
    my feet and said i had normal feet and then supplied me with Adistar cushion.Are these
    correct for my feet?,or am i just over doing it on a hard surface? Any help would be great!
  • Matthew

    Did they just check your feet or did they video your gait?

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