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Hi, I'm back in the UK for Easter and will be doing some shopping (cheaper than Denmark).  Can anyone advise on some good compression sock deals - they vary from £5 for Aldi ones to over £50 for Skins or 2XU?  I doubt that £50 will ever live up to the price, but I have no idea which ones are good.



  • It might be cheaper to buy calf guards because then you only need one pair and you can use them with your existing socks. 

    I had a pair of Nike compression socks that were not much more than £10, and had pretty good moisture management properties. 

  • Sport Pursuit has Injinji toe socks on offer just now, including the knee high compression ones. I haven't tried them but do like the Injinji socks in general. Aldi compression socks are great for the price - when mine wore through at the toes I cut the feet off and used them as calf guards for running in. Worked fine for me. Haven't tried any other compression socks or calf guards as they're all so bloody dear!

    The Aldi ones also worked great for me for recovery after my first ultras - kept the swelling down brilliantly. I had swollen knees and faint bruising all round my leg above the socks, but none below. For £3.99 I was well pleased...

  • Thanks for the input - I bought some of the Aldi ones over here in Denmark, but the boss thinks that they don't seem very tight?  Not sure if other brands have a bit more 'compression'?  Will look at Sport Pursuit (I don't often buy from them, as they aren't normally that cheap).


  • Very happy with my Craft ones from Wiggle. Think I paid ??15, maybe less.
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