has anyone run in this shoe? although i'm not quite an ultra-runner (yet) they seem just about perfect for what i want - spring through to autumn three or four hour runs in the hills. they seem light and agile enough to cope with fairly technical trails, yet durable, and importantly for me, with some pronation support. the only thing that puts me off about them is the big toebox.

has anyone run in these, or know somebody that has? i have read toe's review on his ultranutrition blog - anyone else reviewed them?

furthermore, does anyone know who stocks them, so that i can try a pair myself? i live in the midlands. the new balance online store were unable to help me on this one. look forward to your replies/thoughts!



  • Never tried it, but it looks very similar to the Brooks Cascadia in terms of design. 

    I suspect that you will need to locate a fairly specialist retailer to try this shoe on. 

  • brooks cascadia looks like a really nice shoe, and probably a similar weight/durability, but i believe it is a neutral shoe, no?

  • The Cascadia is neutral, but most trail shoes are neutral to be honest. 

    The theory is that if you are running on an uneven surface there is little point in controlling pronation. 

    I use support shoes for running on roads, but all my trail shoes are neutral. 

    If you would like to try it on, then I think that Running Fox in Loughborough have it. 

  • I'm interested in the Leadville 1210 - I always use trail shoes with a medial post, because I need it, even off-road.  My all-time favourites were Montrail Leona Divide - a truly brilliant, brilliant shoes in all ways.  I've also had Asics Trabuco 13 (new one has no post image) and Vasque something or other - both okay.  I've tried running in neutral NB trail shoes, but my knees start to hurt.  Would be interested in these if the price came down!

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