Today is that fateful day that I have been joking about for years. Fearing, maybe.

Today is the day when males are no longer safe in this house.

Today is that day that all hormonal activity is unleashed.

Today, my baby turns 13.

Today I now share the same address with two teenage girls and a wife who has just reached the half century.

Today is the day when I get a garage, a shed, an allotment, take up marathon running, ironman, polar trekking or something. Or all of the above.

I may be some time.


  • I feel your pain. At times.

    Most of the time Jr is a wonderful person to be with, but once in a while he is hell on earth and I could cheerfully throttle him

    But I have been told he is polite, conscientious etc etc when not with me so I can't really wish for anything more image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Don't worry mate. As Mother of Muttley says about parenting, the first 53 years are the hardest.

    I suppose somebody has to post Harry Enfield as Kevin the teenager turning 13.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Oh FFS are they ever going to sort the video linking issue?

  • Mine is 15 soon & i am taking her & her 15 year old friend to Tenerife for a week, on my own.  Plus my 13 year old son & my 10 year old son.  The 10 year old is the worst of the lot !  

    3 x teenagers & a stroppy 10 year old. Can a man have a nervous breakdown on holiday ?



  • I have 3 teenagers and they are great - 13, 15 and 17 - much easier now than when they were little - I'm the moody one in this house though image  They've all gone out and left me - hehe

  • Blisters .mine are at the other end....16,17,19.........and ii can't wait for the eldest to get out of the teenage years...every now and again.i get a glimpse of a lovely lad.......

    but the other two have beeen lovely teenagers image


  • Ha Ha i remember the arguments the accusations the fights the tears, mine are now 26,32, 38,

    three boys all over 6 ft tall.

    5 granddaughters and 1 grandson and they are giveing their parents hell , Ha Ha.

  • I have two teenage daughters ....15,18...LAZINESS is NOT the word i would choose.When lying in front of the fire if they start burning they will ask me or the better half to turn it off.I am sure after showering they use a different towel to dry every strand of hair on there head......Of course the towels then get left on the floor.Blackpool illuminations have competition in my household,we show our display off DAY & night.image    Make-up is the main source of arguments.Wich one has used the other ones "LIQUID EYE LINER",& the energy each one puts into these very high octained discussions makes my marathon training seem like a sunday stroll....Amazing!!!Years ago servants & maids were summoned by bells,in my downtown abbey its TEXT bloody mobile phones should be banned until you reach 21.TEXT from upstairs in their pits "can i have a cup of t"lucky to get a plz"can you fluff my pillows up"...joking on that one....I may sound like victor meldrew.I do love them dearly of course,although i am looking out for those boys that will take them off of my hands..HAHA.On the bright side of life my 11 year old boy shows promise he tidys his room makes his bed & even puts dirty pots in the dishwasher!!!Times have changed undoubtly.My teenage years in the 80s were cut short at 16 when i joined the army but i always remember having to do jobs around the house for £2 pocket money a week & NEVER NEVER raising my voice to my parents.Anyway i must stop now before i depress my-self.Heres hoping it all stops when they reach 20!!!!fingers crossed.

  • steven.you must enjoy treating them like princesses or you wouldn't do it would you............

    they only treat you bad if you encourage them to........image.you must enjoy it a lot

  • I have two daughters 2 years apart, it started for me when the eldest hit 13 and is coming to a slow down now the youngest is 22, 2 cars each, a house deposit each (never a penny in keep) and I still love it.

  • Thats the next phase EKGO (keep) looking forward to recieving that off of the 18 year old who starts real work in august

  • ha ha you're kidding, they cost me a couple of hundred per month even though they both earn well.

  • surely while you are giving them money they will never learn to be responsible adults.....

     is it something to be desired,  wanting to keep your children young and dependant on you that people will continue to molly coddle their children when they are adults.......

     I honestly do not understand it......

     how will we get a generation to grow up and be responsible with their spending and habits when so many parents just encourage them to act like kids and spend outside their earnings.........


  • I think it worked the opposite, both of my Daughters are doing OK, in well-paid jobs, they have escaped the debt trap that a lot of young people fall into and are both moving out into their own homes.

    What I gave them was a jump start by giving them all of time and some of my money, the money is only the same money I would leave them when I keel over so my advice is to be less selfish, give it early, don't kick them out of the nest to fend for themselves, support them and let them really fly instead.

  • Seren nos i dont know wether or not you have children,i made sure i was financialy sound & emotinaly stable before i went down the baby route so if i can give to my children i will.I know i never will grow old alone.Why dont you talk to the govermenet about over spending & giving that generation did good

  • I think you have to be careful on te line of support and just throwing money at them.

     Its a bit liek when they are toddlers.....you might be want to give them everything they ask for but it would be a dangerous line to take giving them evertything they want when ever they want them.....


    Ergo.......I suppose it does depend on the nature of the children and as a parent you should know them best.

    if as you say yours are sensible and not taking the piss and spending their money whilst relying on your money to keep them afloat then i can see the worth in helping them set up a future...

    but so often you see them living at home and just spending all their money  on crap as if they are still tenagers and relying on the bank of mum or dad to bail them out....and not learning a thing

  • Seren you make sense of it, I give it out to my two but if I thought they were taking the piss and not working for their futures I guess I would have to stop it.

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