Cakes :-)))))

Help required please - my friend is baking a batch of cakes for a group of runners at the end if a race - anyone gave any favourites cakes Ect for refuelling at the end if race - she asked me but I don't actually like cake.


  • You don't like cake image What is not to like image Many events I go to have an extensive choice and they go like... like... well hot cakes really! You cannot go wrong with fudge brownies, chocolate, coffee, carrot. But butter icing not cream in the cakes!

  • Seriously most people think I am mad for not liking cake !!!! Thanks will tell her to bake to her hearts content everyone apart from me will be happy simply with CAKE
  • Would probably add that it is best to stick to stuff she knows and not be adventurous with something new or complex! Unfortunately people will probably not compliment on an excellent cake (except me) but will whinge like hell if it is not quite right! Her and people like her are the un-sung hero's of many many events, not just running. Events would not be the same without them. Bring on the cake image (my daughter is banging out my birthday cake as I type image image)

  • Fruit cake's always good as it's easy to eat after a run. Also worth considering individual fairy cake/cupcake type things so you don't have to bother cutting them into slices. But I think you're right - everyone will simply be happy to be offered cake at all image .
  • Yuk. Fruit cake? Honking! But I'd probably hoover it up quite happily if I was starving. Just about any cake goes down amazingly well at the end of a big race. Carrot cake is amazing. I have very happy memories of some amazing home made lemon drizzle cake a the end of an ultra last year. Any cake would have been amazing at that point though. image

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