Rest for how long

I have pulled my soleus muscle - doctor has told me to ease of running !! Anyone done this and how long did you rest for - I can still feel the injury but its better than it was and before I saw the doctor I was just taking ibuprofen and running on it ok


  • I have torn mine a couple of times and recovery times have varied between a week and three weeks dependng how bad I had damaged it

    Get massage on it, or a physio and it should recover after only a couple of sessions.  They will also give you some strengthening exercises so build it up again when you return to running

    There might also be other contributing factors such as tight hamstrings which need attention to prevent it from reoccuring

    The worst thing you can do is go back to running too soon or try to do too much when you do return.  A professional can give you advice on this which you won't be able to get over the internet without an examination.  Well, people can give you ideas but they might not necessarily be the best was of treating your specific injury

  • Thanks I have been doing stretching and strengthening exercise on it - fingers crossed
  • Don't forget to keep the exercises up even after you are back running.  The problem occurred for a reason and you don't want it to come back

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