lower back giving me grief

Afternoon all Quick question. I ran the Tavistock half today, and Silverstone three weeks ago, but suffered from chronic lower back pain in the later miles, meaning I had to stop and walk for a mile or so. I'm not a small guy, just under 17st and over 6ft, so weight is probably one of the issues I have. I'm working on losing some. Is there any equipment or support I can buy to improve things whilst I wait for the wait to drop off, ha ha? Any suggestions welcomed. I ran 2.18 today even with a dodgy back and the weight issue. If I could fix my back, I think there's a lower PB in there somewhere....


  • Rather than using a support I would recommend doing some core work.  If you can get to a yoga or pilates class then they are a good way of learning how to do core exercises with good technique.

    A lot of back problems are to do with an imbalance in the core muscles, which is very common in runners.  Don't forget to work all of the 'core' muscles - thats lower back, abs and obliques.  Some people tend to concentrate on the abs only.

    Good exercises that are hard to do wrong are planks (just keep your bum down) and leg raisers (lay face down and lift one leg off the ground a few inches and then lower).  Twisting exercises are good for the obliques.

    In all cases pull in your abs and bum muscles and concentrate on small movements rather than trying to move too much

  • Thanks SuperCaz. I'll give them a go. Next race in 3 weeks, so I have time to make a good start
  • Check out that your posture is correct when you are running.It is very easy to over arch your back-especially if you tend to do it anyway.

    I have had similar bad posture for years and when I got really bad back pain about 10 years ago I got advice (and also found I had a degenerated disc.) I find that regular yoga (and core work) and a concious effort to stand, sit and run correctly -ie push my hips forward and unarch my back-is enough to stay more or less pain free.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi Steve,

    I've been advised that some of my lower back pain that I develop when running any further than ~9 miles may be linked to my ridiculously tight hip flexors (I spend most of my day sitting down).

    If like me you're a desk monkey it may be worth including some hip flexor stretches in your workout/cool down

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