• So you think that you understand cycling better than Team GB oirisheyes ?

    It's so easy to say that they got it wrong without offering the correct tactics.

    It's a lot easier to make a team or person lose than it is to win.

    Vino isn't exactly an average cyclist. He's won multiple stages and big races.

    GB can't mark everyone. If they tried theyd be worn out half way through the race.
  • I think tactics is part of why cycling is such a great sport. F1 on the other hand is something else. Far too much is decided by events outside of the skills of the driver. I love cycling and can watch the Tour for hours. F1 I can't watch for more than 5 minutes.
  • As a big motorsport fan I don't want to agree but certainly in terms of F1 that us exactly right.
  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    In F1, on-track team work has very little effect.  Any driver can win without help from a team-mate... and that teamwork is not part of the spectator spectacle.

    I think that's only partly true. reliability is the xtra (rather boring!) element in F1. If a driver (e.g. Webber) is leading comfortably he can save the car and increase his finishing chances - a compliant teammate can help a lot here.

    Also, in motorsport overtaking is often problematic - see the RedBull coming together in (IIRC) Turkey2010. No team wants that - far better to have a somewhat boring 1-2 and risk some public derision.

  • Team orders should have no place in F1. If a driver is capable of overtaking, then he should go for it.

  • So when is a team not a team?
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